Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Golden Dawn Blog Fleet

Readers of Golden Dawn blogs will have noticed  over the past week that the Golden Dawn blog fleet has been rapidly expanding. First, we observed Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise D engaging Borg reconstructionists over on the Gyllene Gryningen blog.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701D

For a while, it even looked like GH Frater SR may have been assimilated! by the collective.

Traditional GD or Reconstructionist Collective?
Shortly thereafter, Captain "AIT" Sisko, from the Heaven's Within Earth blog brought the Defiant to Kirk's aid, foiling Grand Nagus Zink's latest scheme.

USS Defiant NX -74205

It seems that Star Trek subtext is rapidly spreading throughout the Golden Dawn blogosphere. Yesterday, on Morgan Drake Eckstein's Gleamings From the Golden Dawn blog, I was called to account by Dirk, one of Morgan's readers, for mistakenly suggesting that the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701A) was a Galaxy class starship.

Here was my reply to Dirk:
"My favorite starship, despite its lack of shields, inferior weaponry, and top speed of only Warp 5.2, will always be the Enterprise NX-01, commanded by Johnathon Archer. 
I even like the armor hull plating. But then again, I am also a big fan of classic cars. The NX-01 reminds me of another personal favorite, the 57 Chevy Bel Air. 
Here is what I mean:"

This in turn led me to notice Morgan Drake Eckstein bears an uncanny resemblance to Jonathan Archer, the first Captain of the very first Enterprise. 

Here, see for yourself:

From where I sit, it looks like Enterprise NX-01 just came out of mothballs, and the GD Blog Fleet just got another new Captain. After all, why should there not be Blog Fleet Captains who are not members of the HOGD/AO?

USS Enterprise NX-01
Come to think of it, I think we might still have one more Blog Fleet Captain somewhere out there in Cyberspace ...

USS Voyager NC-74656

So there you have it! The Golden Dawn blog fleet as it stands in the Blogosphere today:

Golden Dawn Blog Fleet Command

So Captain Morgan ...
When can I take the NX-01 out for a spin


  1. Some very dapper looking commanders if I say so myself ;)

  2. @ Soror FSO

    I think that Blog Fleet very well reflects the reality of today's Golden Dawn blogging community. Each of us is an explorer in our own way, and each of us approaches our responsibilities towards our students and initiates with all of the seriousness of the Prime Directive in the Star Trek universe.

    As difficult as it is for us in the various Golden Dawn factions to agree on anything, I think that a Prime Directive of providing our students with quality initiation and not exploiting them is pretty much agreed upon by our entire community (Well, with the exception of Grand Nagus Zink. But then again, the Farengi have always been motivated by profit rather than ethics).

  3. Well sometimes "We have to out-Ferengi the Ferengi" - Kat Janeway

    But much agreed, the truth in the Golden Dawn community is not that there are a bunch of groups who are in-fighting. Yes, each Order has its own take on the GD tradition, and may disagree on doctrine and practice from time to time, but 90% of all groups treat each other with respect. There is in fact a great deal of cohesiveness in the community that has been over-shadowed by the flame wars of the past. However, as we have seen the true culprits of these flame wars have been taken to task and their true natures are well known throughout the community.

    Interestingly the internet is allowing for communities to police themselves and even though this has the opportunity to be taken too far, I think it will also start helping to impede those with ill intentions from committing such acts (as long as people are willing to inform us of their horrendous actions)

    But as of late I have personally been enjoying the influx of new research and scholarly debate across the internet and I'd like to give credit to what I think will be a new Golden Era. I only hope that in time we will all be able to leave the filth in the past and focus our entire energy on our magics, studies, and the betterment of ourselves and our students.

  4. @ Soror FSO

    You are absolutely correct. To the outside, it might appear that there is a certain amount of infighting in our community. This is no longer the case at all. In fact, most of agree on far more than we disagree on. I love the metaphor of the Prime Directive as it is something simple that we can all intuit that we agree on.

    Who among us does not agree that we have a responsibility to our initiates and our students to give them the best quality Golden Dawn experience we can and to do our utmost to promote their spiritual growth - without exploitation?

    Does this simple Prime Directive not transcend our of our differences - from the most conservative traditionalists among us even to the most radical reconstructionists?

  5. @Kenny, that was just the story that I heard behind the scenes. I remember when you left, and I remember the behind the scenes story......but I always liked you personally, and never really understood Tom's reasoning. I agree with all advise giving here, though you are your own man. ..... I haven't been to rom in well over a year, and want no association with that website. In my memory, I personally never saw any problem with Kenny, and do consider him a friend. Good luck Kenny.


  6. So, let me get this straight...there is a Ken Figuley active on the esoteric boards who claims to be the writer of the EOGD blogs? Is he also claiming to be the person who ho is "a professional writer who has written for Rolling Stone, and other magazines, has published books out on the market, worked with various music artists"? Or is that the part that RZ stole from someone else's life?

    I just want to get my facts straight.

  7. @ Soror FSO

    The whole affair remains a bit of a mystery. From what I can gather at this point, Kenny Figuli is a real person who was well intentioned but was manipulated by Robert Zink to attack the HOGD/AO and the Adepts who left the EOGD.

    Mr. Zink appears bound and determined to continue his one man flame war against the Golden Dawn community. This is clearly evidenced by the new inflammatory article Zink just published on his "EOGD" website here.