Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Secret Of The Great Work

by David Griffin

I was recently  asked on the HOGD Facebook group (that you can join HERE): 
"I heard that every human has Light and Dark Part of his/her soul. My unanswered question is that, is it true? Is it possible for any human to be pure in his soul and spirit?"
Every human being has darkness and light inside us as matter and energy. The Great Work is the purification and transmutation of the matter of our bodies into pure solar energy using techniques of Rosicrucian Magick and Hermetic Alchemy. Hermetic science teaches us that consciousness only exists where "embodied.”

Consciousness, however, can be embodied in a material body or a purely energetic one. Our goal as Rosicrucians, is nothing less than the survival and continuation of consciousness upon death in a new body, a purely energetic body that exists eternally inside the universe of light inside the stars.

We are but caterpillars on our way to become butterflies. We were never meant to roll around the mud as slave workers on this rock we call Earth. The Earth is but a garden of souls. 2,000 years ago, the Master Christ, sowed seeds of salvation from this slave planet.
Today we stand at the beginning of the Aquarian Age and the time of the harvest is at hand. 

We are the Alpha and the Ωmega.

We are good farm hands, who come with sythes to gather Souls ripe for harvest - those ready to ascend wth us to the stars.

We human beings are the sons an daughters of the stars, and to the stars we shall all one day return, glorious in bodies of pure star fire!

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  1. Nice article!
    From my own experiences I can give another perspective on the same subject.
    Soul is the accumulated wisdom from the distillation of every experience of the existence of our consciousness. It holds or needs no energy. Our wisdom knows that the energies of light and dark (and of any dualities) are the same energy. It's the forms that the energies take that create the illusions of light and dark. That's why duality conflicts are always a zero-sum game.
    When consciousness meets energy in pure acceptance (90 degrees) then our chemia (creative intelligence of I Am) will distill the energies into their neutral state (potential) and the wisdom is released and consequent expansion of consciousness occurs.
    Is not the core principle of all magic that energy serves consciousness?
    A simple alchemy self-initiation can be had by doing the following:
    Touch a hard object with a finger. Be aware of where the finger touches the object (consciousness meeting energy). Allow yourself to feel the sense of Self in this space. Notice how energies in the body move or transform as the sense of Self touches them. Notice what is yours (includes sense of Self) from what isn't (identity, beliefs). Notice a love for the beauty of the object that the Self has. Notice the passion to create with energy that the Self has.
    That should do it :)
    Thanks for the article!