Tuesday, November 10, 2015

EXPOSED: Illuminati Conspiracy & the Golden Dawn

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  1. I can't thank you enough for this history, David. I read the book "1666" not too long ago and, though it is not successful as a scholarly work, there were some very compelling parts to the narrative, parts that to some extent rang true. Yet the book left the impression that (1) the Illuminati successfully infiltrated every form of Freemasonry and (2) all contemporary forms of magic based on Qabalah were also of the form practiced by the Illuminati. As a practitioner of the magic of light, my experience told me otherwise than that what I had received was really a magic imbued with evil tendencies. And I couldn't imagine that all Freemasonry had been infiltrated, since the great founders of the Golden Dawn, as well as figures like PF Case and, of course, you and other contemporary leaders of occult societies teaching the magic of light were or are Freemasons. Once again, my experience told me that those impressions weren't true. So I was left with a somewhat disquieting feeling about it all after reading "1666" over a few times, wondering what was true and what was false and what was being left out. But I didn't know the piece of history you recounted about St. Germain and "1666" said nothing of the resistance to the Illuminati. Is any of this history of St. German and the resistance to the Illuminati published somewhere? Thanks again.

    Incidentally, you give a nice presentation for a reptile :)