Monday, April 20, 2015

How On-Liine Trolls Manipulate Public Opinion and Attempt to Manipulate Spiritual Communities

Don't miss this incredible, breaking news story about new, additional revelations about the use of professional, paid on-line trolls to attack the reputations of targets on the internet HERE.

Defamation campaigns by anonymous on-line trolls are no stranger to either the Golden Dawn or the Pagan communities. My reputation was targeted for decades by on-line trolls using anonymous websites, blogs, and ads for them on Facebook and Yahoo. In the Pagan community, the same thing happenned to American Pagan activist, Starhawk, and Australian Pagan leaders She DMontford, Lizzy Rose, and the late David Mattachik, among others. Shortly after the death of David Mattachik months ago, a "target list" was exposed on this blog with these names and other spiritual leaders on it. 

I am not saying that either the NSA or Monsanto are necessarily targeting spiritual leaders, but stories like these about paid professional trolls kind of make you wonder, don't they? I mean, come on - 20+ years is an extremely long time for a defamation campaign to continue against any one person. It is nothing short of miraculous that my reputation has survived intact until now. Now who might have a vested interest in manipulating the Golden Dawn and Pagan communities by using paid, professional trolls for to target spiritual leaders for defamation? And why?

And what about that target list of people who are either dead or have been targeted for defamation by on-line trolls for extended periods of time.

Both the Golden Dawn community and the Pagan community (in Australia and in the USA) caught a lucky break a few months back, when thanks to a mole in a "secret" group, a "target list" that included an entire list was exposed of people who are either recently deceased, recently arrested under suspicious circumstances, or have been subjected to years of defamation and reputation attack by on-line trolls.

Since this "target list" was dragged into the light, there has been a period of peace where the defamation stopped. This peace continues to hold in the Golden Dawn until today, to the great credit of many Golden Dawn leaders and initiates.

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