Sunday, March 1, 2015

Preparations for MagickAll 2015: April 10-12, 2015 at Shadow Mountain

Maxine and Alex Sanders
Here at the Golden Dawn's Alpha Omega Temple, we are hard at work preparing for  MagickAll 2015, our yearly gathering of magickal tribes.

The event this year will be one weekend only, April 10-12. Although donations are gladly accepted, our yearly MagickAll gathering is our free-of-charge gift to the Magickal community.

In light of last year's problems, we will not release the final schedule until the last minute. Here is some of what you can expect though. 

Experts will lecture on the following Magickal traditions:
  • Golden Dawn Magick Dojo
  • Thelemic Magick
  • British Traditional Witchcraft & Alexandrian Magick
  • Shamanic Magick
  • Astrology and Magick
  • Hermetic Magick
  • Shamanic Drumming
On Sunday, April 12 there is the possibility of Golden Dawn Neophyte initiation (prior application required). Another highlight will be an International Grand Sabbat of Alexandrian Witches.

Here is more exciting news. Saturday night's MagickAll highlight is the "Shadow Mountain Micro Burn." With the assistance of the Las Vegas' Burning Man community, we are presently lining up DJs, fire spinners, etc. It will be awesome.

Here at Shadow Mountain outside Las Vegas, we are fortunate to live on an ancient lake bottom similar to the playa at Burning Man's Black Rock City. To create enough room for the "Micro Burn, we are reconstructing and doubling the size of our dance circle.

We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the work preparing for this amazing event. Here is Golden Dawn Cancellaria, Leslie McQuade, happy as a clam at the helm of her "weapon of mass construction."

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