Wednesday, March 12, 2014

R.I.P. Golden Dawn - By David Griffin

Due to the never ending Witch Hunt to defame the Alpha Omega, our members, our lineages, and our founder Mathers, leaders of competing Golden Dawn orders using fear mongering marketing, sock puppets, and anonymous attack websites and blogs have already nearly murdered the reputation of the entire Golden Dawn.

Many such attacks have been published by Mystical order leader and fear mongering negative marketer, Nick Farrell. For example, Farrell profaned the Mathers recension of our initiation rituals then wrote a defamatory, pseudo-historical attack novel posing as history (King Over the Water) trashing the reputation of our founder, S.L. McGregor Mathers.

In the same book, Farrell offended every member of the Alpha Omega by spreading false, fear mongering rumors of a non-existent "Alpha Omega religious and political cult." Farrell was later caught repeated attempting to distort Alpha Omega history, rewriting the AΩ article on Wikipedia with references citing only his attack schrift.

"Magus007" Unmasked: Another Nick Farrell Sock Puppet

Mr. Farrell's attacks on the A.O. continue even today, although the really nasty stuff Farrell now publishes on an anonymous attack blog, hiding behind his sock puppet, "Watcher."

The identity of the hidden puppeteer pulling the strings of "Watcher" is obvious to anyone who is familiar with Nick Farrell's writings. "Watcher's" writing style and talking points precisely match those of Farrell.

"Watcher" and Puppetmaster Nick Farrell

Perhaps Nick Farrell thinks that his sock puppet and anonymous blog are "cute" or is somehow harming only the Alpha Omega. He is sorely mistaken. Sock puppets and anonymous attack blogs have done more to harm the reputation of the Golden Dawn tradition than anything else.  "Watcher's" attack blog has even wheeled out the old false "Golden Dawn Nazis" slander again. This behavior is even more stupid than it is short sighted.

With real world political extremists in Greece already causing massive public confusion by calling themselves "Golden Dawn," these idiotic negative marketers, posing as so-called "spiritual" leaders, nonetheless continue to spread false rumors with sock puppets in anonymous blogs about Nazism in the Golden Dawn SPIRITUAL community!

Talk about self-destructive, suicidal behavior. But then again, one should not forget that Nick Farrell recently divorced himself and his order from the Golden Dawn tradition. In this light, Farrell's vicious sock puppetry makes perfect sense, if Farrell's true agenda is to completely destroy the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition.

In any case, fear mongering negative marketer "Golden Dawn leaders" have been using such sick, dirty "defamation as marketing" tricks for 20 years now. Just check alt.magick or the archives of half a dozen Yahoo fora and you will find vast reams of such idiocy.

One thing is certain. If the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition is to survive the damage of confusion caused by real life, Greek fascists today confusingly calling themselves "Golden Dawn," the Golden Dawn spiritual community can no longer afford short sighted, mean spirited, fear mongering marketing.

Such lunacy is directly responsible for anonymous blogs already easy to find on the Internet, falsely attacking all Golden Dawn spiritual tradition leaders (including me) as Nazis. I will not link to such trash, but a simple Google search for "Golden Dawn Nazi Truth" readily reveals just how harmful  anonymous blogs truly are to the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition as a whole.

Enough is enough already!

"Watcher": Nick Farrell's Attack Blog Sock Puppet


  1. Frater Griffin,first of all I can't believe this madness,I am not in the yahoo forum this much anymore because frankly I got tired of all the petty attacks and gossip,but I did not know it was this bad,now I guess I would have to read all Farrell bumble to get up to date.Between my dyslexia and my studies it will be annoying but I will do it and I seriously think there is something legal that has to be done about this guy.I don't know in Nevada but here in California defamation is the winner of all cases and they take care of business in a fair manner ,for the cases I know and research ,they would bring this clown down in one court date,just an idea.
    I am still around and I had been studying a lot as you know the practical comes so easy to me as the theory part of any study is always more difficult but I am here and not going anywhere soon,if anybody wants to write to me same account as always.
    in LUX
    Soror Luna

  2. Farrel and the whole "Conspiracy / Truth" market is a very lucrative one and these people really don't believe a word of what they are saying, it's all about money. Just take a look at the hysterical way they (and their youtube drones) react when anyone dares to question them and I am amazed that more people don't notice the contradiction between their protestations of "Love and Light" and the sheer vitriol that comes from their mouths whenever uncomfortable questions are asked...

    The whole attitude of Farrel and the other talking heads can be summed up in the words of another one of these Truth Messiahs (the one who sees Lizards in the Royal family) from over Fifteen years ago.
    In a room of about Six or Seven of us in Leicester U.K he was asked point blank if he really believed what he was publishing, his response was these precise words -
    "No but it's all easy money from people who buy into this shit".

  3. Dear Mr Griffin,

    It is indeed a travesty and supreme injustice to the entirety of the Golden Dawn System.....They make a mockery of everyone with their vindictive online and offline antics....I am supremely disturbed at these developments. I stand with you dear Sir...I have your book of ritual magic.....I respect you greatly and as for me and my lot you are the leader of the TRUE Golden Dawn.......This Farrell miscreant is a disgrace to all.....I am certain the Gods who ARE the current will correct this problem......