Thursday, November 14, 2013

Golden Dawn Latin America: Alpha Omega Celebrates Golden Dawn Colombia!

Alpha Omega ...

... lighting the way yet once again ...

Golden Dawn Latin America!

Today the A.O. celebrates our continuing, explosive world-wide growth...

Golden Dawn Colombia!

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  1. Mr. Griffin,
    Please excuse me if the salutation is in poor taste, but I must admit I am not well learned in the "great work". I have spent much time reading books like your Ritual Magic Manual, several books by Israel Regardie, Aliester Crowley, A.E. White, Pat Zalewski and so on and so forth... but I just dont get it... the information is... well.... overwhelming... I dont know where to begin. I fear trying any of the rituals, for my sanity as well as my well being.. I want nothing more then to go to a Temple and receive initiation and education properly. However before I make arrangements to go there (No close temples) I would like to be able to be a little educated on how to begin my studies. I know your goal is to help make magicians, and that is what I truly aspire to be, I dont want to be some armchair theorist. Please any information would greatly help, I feel buried maybe you could help me with just where to begin.
    thank you

  2. I answered your questions here:

  3. Ave et

    Greetings to our cousins at Golden Dawn Colombia!

    May LVX guide your temple in obtaining the Philosopher's Stone.

    It is wonderful to see the good work of GH Fr L.e.S and the growth of traditionalist Golden Dawn within the A+O.

    In LVX
    Jean de Cabalis

  4. Congratulations!! PAX ET LUX. Greetings from Brazil.