Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Alpha Omega Initiation Rituals PUBLISHED?

Sadly, there today still exist leaders of "Golden Dawn" orders who view the Golden Dawn as a dead object of historical curiosity. These clowns throw traditional Golden Dawn sanctity of initiatic secrecy to the wind.

Like maggots fighting over pieces of a rotting Golden Dawn corpse, the Golden Dawn Clowns rush to publish under their own name any documents remaining unprofaned from the early Golden Dawn. I have written extensively on such self-destructive insanity here and here.
Which maggot will get the biggest piece?

Alpha Omega Adepts do not behave like this. Unlike "The Exquisite Corpse Golden Dawn Orders," the Alpha et Omega (founded by S.L. MacGregor Mathers in 1906) knows the Golden Dawn never died, since the Third Order remained active behind the scenes, even during the few years that no outer order temples remained visible.

Mathers' A.O. is a traditionalist Golden Dawn order. For example, we still value initiatic secrecy and classical Gollden Dawn initiation with candidates physically present in real Golden Dawn temples. We have no need for cheap notoriety, since the Alpha Omega is completely different than today's merely "Golden Dawn" orders.


Because the A.O. today is the only Golden Dawn order remaining under the direct protection and supervision of the The Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn's Third Order.

And this means a lot!

For example, the merely "Golden Dawn" orders don't even have any traditional Golden Dawn teachings, beyond Theoricus Adeptus Minor. They all dead-end with the beginners' material published by Crowley and Regardie, and republished ad nauseum by the Golden Dawn Clowns.

The A.O. is different. The Secret Chiefs have given vast additional secret magical materials for our Second Order curriculum, like the keys that unlock Agrippa's magical systems only outlined in De Occulta Philosophia.

Moreover, unlike the merely "Golden Dawn" orders, the Alpha Omega uses entirely unpublished magical hierarchies for elemental and astrological magick. This keeps our magick both therugical and potent, as it is not corrupted by use by any Tom, Dick, or Harry  for "who knows what."

Sadly, the Alpha Omega having so much of substance to offer our students makes us unpopular with envious Golden Dawn leaders. This is why these "Golden Dawn Clowns" have been rushing to publish all of our early Alpha Omega documents and initiation rituals.
But what the Golden Dawn Clowns do not realize is that they are not hurting the Alpha et Omega at all with such self-destructive behavior. They are merely making fools of themselves.

Every time that the Golden Dawn Clowns publish another one of our A.O. documents, the Secret Chiefs simply give the Alpha et Omega even more unpublished material!

Take, for example, how the Golden Dawn Clowns several years ago began publishing early versions of our A.O. initiation rituals. 

In response, the Secret Chiefs simply released additional material to us to revise all of our A.O.rituals with! 

So despite all of the best efforts of the Golden Dawn Clowns to harm our order by publishing our rituals ... 

"All of the initiation rituals of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega still today remain unpublished and unprofaned."

This week, the Golden Dawn Side Show reached an even greater degree of silliness, when a GD author published what they falsely claim is the 1906 version of the Alpha et Omega's Adeptus Major (6=5) ritual, a version written by S.L. MacGregor Mathers.

Guess what? 
It turns out what they published is, in reality, only a tiny fragment of our original Alpha Omega 6=5 ritual! ...

Section 4 of the ritual to be exact! 

The author could have avoided making a complete Harlequin of themselves, by asking why the number "4" is there at the top of the front page of the manuscriupt fragment they thought was the whole enchilada! 

I guess that is what you get when you go rummaging around in other people's dust bins. 
Contrary to false advertising, the bulk of the 1906 (Mathers) version of our Rosicrtucian Order of Alpha et Omega, Adeptus Msajor (6=5) ritual remains safely protected and out of the greedy hands of the Golden Dawn Clowns. 

More importantly, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega trashed this old version of our 6=5 initiation ritual long ago, knowing that it was only a question of time before one of the Golden Dawn Clowns tried to publish it any way!

"The Alpha et Omega, Adeptus Major (6=5) initiation ritual was thoroughly revised in recent years under the direct guidance and supervision of the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order of the Golden Dawn."

Enough is enough already. Why not, let's all get on with the real work of the Golden Dawn, namely spiritual development, and end the Side Show of cheap profanation once and for all?

Don't worry, gentle reader, the Golden Dawn Side Show will surely end soon enough - if for no other reason than because the clowns are running out of pies.


  1. I wish I could devote every waking moment to the study of the occult, and especially the insanely comprehensive material via the HOGD. Those who merely wish to hinder the tradition only push those of us to further adore it and study that much harder. So if anything, thank them for the motivation! :)

    Thanks as always David!


  2. Shame Shame Shame to all those clowns out there , do they know what are the consequences by doing this and what are the results to their actions ??? or maybe their brains are foggy ?? or maybe they think that we are stupid and ignorant to not know what is a hoax , i still don't get it why they are persistent by keeping their same act.. Uh.

  3. I know you prooo'bly don't believe what I say, however, you will believe what Jesus sez at your Divine Judgment when your cult takes a dive off the deep end. My humble suggestion? Better repent, dude. Jesus will let you go your own way on the whorizontal for a time, yet, all of U.S. shall croak. Thus, only 2 realms after our demise, guy, and 1 of 'em ain't too cool. God bless you with discernment.

    1. I agree that the GD is a science and that it's roots in Judaic beliefs should say something about it's sanctity as well as the secrets it holds. Magic is applied faith, when others see fit to just have faith we apply it to change our spiritual selves through ritual. You have to have some faith in the divine and be willing to see through fanaticism to see what is offered to everyone of any religion. Though my personal views are complicated and are scattered across many religious backgrounds I do not believe I have condemned myself to eternal torture for seeking truth like the holy scriptures suggest. Seek and you shall find.

  4. ...there's a lot that could be said to my brother and fellow believer's post above, but I'll leave it at this: It's not a cult! Thank you G.H. Frater LeS for shedding the light that you have on this beautiful tradition through this blog. It is encouragement to continue the pursuit of the work involved. It would be so wonderful to see this side show finally come to an end. :-)

  5. @ Kold_Kadavr

    In reality the Golden Dawn is neither religion nor cult, but rather a SCIENCE and a technology for spiritual development that has been preserved since ancient times for us by the Hermetic tradition.

    I note in your post that you seem to be intolerant of anything spiritual other than Christianity.

    One of the hallmarks of the Golden Dawn is that we regard ALL religions with reverence, including Christianity, as various manifestations of one transcendental truth.

  6. @ Sean and Anonymous

    There are several essential things the Golden Dawn Clowns have not yet realized:

    1. The Golden Dawn does not belong to the Clowns. There is no way the Golden Dawn Clowns can win their imaginary war by attacking the Alphja Omega and the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order of the Golden Dawn. The Secret Chiefs created the Golden Dawn and they continue to create it even today!

    2. By publishing early Alpha Omega documents and initiation rituals, the Golden Dawn clowns can not even hurt the Alpha et Omega. The Secret Chiefs just release additional secret material to the AO to replace anything the Clowns publish. Unlike the Golden Dawn Clowns, the Secret Chiefs have the entire esoteric wealth of the combined Hermetic, Rosicrucian, and Pythagorean traditions coming down from Egypt at their disposal.

    3. There are only so many early Golden Dawn and Alpha Omega documents the Clowns the can profane through publication in their silly war attacking the Alpha et Omega and the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order of the Golden Dawn. In fact, the clowns are already running out of additional material to publish! The Golden Dawn clowns are not sawing off the limb they are sitting on. They have sawn it off already.

    Indeed, so many minor variations on the same old tired Golden Dawn material have already been published by the Clowns that people have lost interest in it and are no longer buying stuff from the Clowns. This is why the Clowns have begin begging for money on the internet and have even begin self-publishing. No respectable publisher will will lose money publishing this nonsense any longer.

    4. The Alpha et Omega is willing to share the bounty coming from the Secret Chiefs with our brothers and sisters of all Golden Dawn temples and orders around the world. You are all invited to celebrate the Equinox with us on March 18 near Las Vegas. Those who are already Adepts are also invited to attend the International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepts near Las Vegas, March 9-17, where we will begin to share the magical transmissions from the Secret Chiefs with qualified Adepts from across the entire spectrum of the Golden Dawn community.

    5. The Golden Dawn Clowns have already lost their imaginary war. The time has come for them to let it go and stop making horses asses of themselves - and instead to sit down with the Alpha et Omega at the table of brotherhood and get on with the true business of the Golden Dawn - SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT.

  7. Everything I have learned shows that not everything is what it seems. That face value is the tip of the iceberg, and beneath it is an interconnected complex that spans across time and lands. I don't see how you can view such material in such a 1-sided, rudimentary way.

    I hope they can see the beauty behind whats on the surface. :)

  8. Here we go again (sigh).

    Judging to the posts on Golden Dawn fora today in response to this blog article, it seems that the Golden Dawn clowns will never give up their silly flame war, regardless of how much the Golden Dawn community is fed up with it.

    Today both Nick Farrell and Pat Zalewksi are flooding Pat's forum with one nonsensical mispreresentation after the other about the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega.

    Like I have said over and over again, the rituals in use by our order today are COMPLETELY SECRET AND UNPROFANED, despite the silly lies and misrepresentation that Pat and Nick are spreading again.

    FOR THE RECORD (again): The initiation rituals we use in the AO are neither the Waite resension, the Felkin recension, nor are they even the Mathers recension.

    Our actual initiation rituals are UNIQUE to the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega - and neither Pat Zalewski nor Nick Farrell have any knowledge whatsoever of their actual content.

    Pat and Nick also have no personal knowledge whatsoever about the true relationship between the Secret Chiefs and the A.O. either.

    All of the smack that Pat and Nick are spreading about our order is merely "sour grapes", flame war nonsense, the likes of which the entire Golden Dawn community grew tired of long ago.

    The real reason Pat and Nick keep attacking our order is merely because they are envious of the advanced magical practices and teachings that the Secret Chiefs continue to give to the Second Order of the A.O. even today.

    Why are Pat and Nick so envious?

    Because they themselves have nothing at all to offer their own students beyond what Regardie published or that they just made up.

    Pat and Nick:

    Give it a rest guys.

    The entire Golden Dawn community is watching and everyone sees through your silly antics.

    You are merely making even worse clowns of yourselves.

  9. Don't worry about the viciousness of these people, Mr Griffin. People judge a tree by its fruits. The only fruit coming from the GD clowns that I can see is non-stop venom. These guys will just self-destruct if they don't change their ways.

    By the way, thank you for inviting those of us from other Golden Dawn orders to the Conclave of the Adepts in Las Vegas and for your willingness to share the advanced teachings with us, despite the bad example being set by the leaders of some of our orders.

    How do I sign up to attend.

  10. @ Anonymous

    Thank you for your kind words. Don't worry. Your brothers and sisters in the Alpha et Omega realize that the Adepts of the various Golden Dawn orders are not responsible for the misguided actions of their leaders. If you would like to attend the conclave you should use the "Contact Us" link at the AO website at or at the Golden Dawn Research Center at

  11. PS - All of Pat Zalewski and Nick Farrell's propaganda like flame war attacks on the lineage of the AO have been refuted a hundred times over already.

    I guess that these guys think that if they just keep repeating the same silliness over and over someday some misguided soul might actually start to believe them.

    Anyone interested in real info rather than flame war propaganda need merely visit the Golden Dawn Rsearch Center at:

    or on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn website at:

  12. Care GH Frater LeS,

    You are best off just to ignore the Clowns. Remember these guys are people who make money off the Golden Dawn and have bet their careers the Secret Chiefs don't exist. Who can really even take them seriously, any longer? I mean, come on. Golden Dawn leaders who beiieve the Golden Dawn died and that lineage has no value? Who can take that seriously? You should not even bother to reply to their Side Show. Let them go on and on throwing pies and punches like Bob and Krusty all they like.

  13. To be short and concise: it takes a Rosicrucian to recognize another Rosicrucian, and these guys seem not to qualify for being Rosicrucians.

  14. Hi David. I think the problem is that too much is expected to be taken on faith, and this undermines serious and rational investigation, as well as undermining our G.D Order. As a techo I am able to access the research, papers, theories and anything else I want to valid any claims by
    any scientist or engineer from any University
    or otherwise - even those things way beyond my own technican current status and comprehension. I fear that when things are hidden and valid and credible evidence is not available, then the only logical choice is to reject all claims simply as hearsay and puffery. As magicians we must approach the mysteries as a science and art, this means to simply accept things on faith and trust is unacceptable, because that is the way of the religious devote and not adepts of traditions like the Golden Dawn. I fully support your G.D work and the HOGD/AO and this support has
    alienated me from other GD adepts simply because I support the work of the HOGD/AO. However in saying this I feel that the method of secrecy and the reputed Secret Chiefs (whether true or not) is doing more to undermine the credibilty of your excellent work than not. I fully support the scientific method rather than whispers in dark corners.
    Thank you for reading this GH Fr LeS. Cheeers.

  15. Hi Lenny,

    You seem to have overlooked a lot of recent news. The objections you are raising are no longer valid. The HOGD/AO ia not asking anyone to take anything at all on faith. On the contrary, we are providing PROOF.

    Just because we respect the traditional Golden Dawn principle of initiatic secrecy does not mean that we are acting anyone to take anything at all on faith.

    Instead, we are offering to share the advanced Second Order teachings and magical practices that the Secret Chiefs have transmitted with qualified Adepts from the entire Golden Dawn community.

    That is hardly asking people to take things on faith. That is just one more empty accusation being leveled by the Golden Dawn Clowns.

    On the contrary, complete proof is available.

    However, TRADITIONAL rules of secrecy still do apply as they always have.

    It is not our fault if our critics are either too lazy to do the work, or have too big mouths to be trusted with oath bound material. Their students, fortuantely, appear to have more respect for tradition than their leaders.

  16. The higher teachings tand magical practices hemselves are proof enough, especially since we have already begin sharing them with Adepts from other orders and they can bear witness.

    The real problem is that the Golden Dawn Clowns try to reduce a living initiatic tradition to a dead object of mere historical curiosity.

    The claim of the GD Clowns that there is "no proof" depends entirely on the improperly narrow definition of proof that they mistakenly apply.

    Initiatic proof is the appropriate yardstick in this instance and we are offereing plenty of this. Again, the practices and the teachings are quite SUBSTANTIAL proof. This need not be taken on faith. But the traditionals rules surrounding oath bound material certainly do apply.

    Again, conclusive proof is available to all who are willing to follow traidtional Golden Dawn rules.

  17. The recent giving of the transmissions via L.e.T. constitutes an event which is easily one of the most significant or the most significant to occur in the
    arcane traditions in the last 100 years.

    I continue to be amazed at the extent to which history of this caliber is being made in our own time. The quote from Agrippa is so a propos.


  18. For those who are unfamiliar, Dr. Robert Word does NOT belong to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn or the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega.

    Dr. Word (a nuclear physicist by profession) does, however, hold the 7=4 Grade of the Golden Dawn and leads a traditionalist Golden Dawn order called the August Order of the Mystic Rose.

    Dr. Word is an expert witness regarding the authenticity and substance of the advanced Second Order material recently transmitted to the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega.

    As a 7=4 from a traditionalist Golden Dawn order, Dr. Word has been permitted to examine the material in question and is qualified to speak with authority regarding both authenticity and the magical importance of the material.

  19. @ Lenny

    I personally invite you to attend to the International Conclave of the Adepti near Las Vegas, Nevada March 9-19. At the conclave you will find all of the proof you seek, assuming that you are willing to commit to the traditional rules of secrecy surrounding oath bound Golden Dawn material.

  20. Dear Lenny,

    As an anthropologist, shamans I have worked with describe magical power as being like uclear power. Yes, you can do great things with it, you can destroy massive areas with it, but perhaps most importantly, even if you simply handle it, nuclear (or magical) power can hurt you. They keep their magic safe to protect those who would hurt themselves otherwise. Do you really want everyone to have easy access to the instructions for building an atomic bomb? This is scientific knowledge, and it is also a greatly guarded secret. The secrets kept by the order are of a similar magnitude, and thus, are treated with an equivalent respect.

  21. As an anthropologist, I find it fascinating that Pat Zalkewki and Nick Farrell, who purport to lead Golden Dawn orders, do not understand that it is initiatic proof rather than historical proof that is the correct yardstick with which to measure the "oath bound" material of an initiatic tradition.

    You see, as a trained anthropologist, I have had the opportunity to study
    cultures, and to have the permission of those cultures to learn things usually hidden to other researchers. This is because of my dual status as not only as anthropologist, but also as an initiated witch. This is a process called "participant observer". It is a scientific method whereby in order to understand some aspects of culture it is necessary to actually "become" a member of the society at a certain level. Usually this means undergoing certain rites of passage which are age and experience appropriate, but also, as in my case, studying in the field.

    I am not really surprised to find this phenomenon in the Golden Dawn community. In the Pagan community, we have long had to deal with historians trying to play anthropologist even though they are not even trained in the ethnographic method.

    In the case of Mr. Zalekwski and Mr. Farrell, we find an even more absurd
    situation where esotericists are making sweeping judgements about esoteric material as though they were trained historians, which they are not.

    Even if they were, by the way, they would nonetheless be out of their depth, as the evaluation of a living occult tradition is the pervue of the anthropologist and not the historian.

    What we have here in the Golden Dawn community are a group of occultists pretending to be historians while, based on motives that are purely political, passing sweeping judgements on material which is anthropological rather than historical in nature to begin with.

  22. If only I was an adept :P In due time! :D

  23. @ Sean

    You can still attend the Equinox celebration!

  24. Really? I may have too then!

    I thought it was entirely adepti only! Very nice!