Monday, May 16, 2011

Science Fiction or Spiritual Federation?

Morgan Drake Eckstein recently wrote on his Gleamings from the Golden Dawn blog:
"As most of my readers know, David Griffin of the HOGD/AO has recently associated himself with Captain James T. Kirk, and his friend, Tomas (SR) with Spock. The association of the Federation with Golden Dawn puzzles me a little because there are moments that I am not sure if it is just his Order that he is connecting it with, or if the association refers to all honest magical branches of the tradition. This association has led to some strange mental moments on my end---now I cannot help but think about Griffin whenever I run across a picture of William Shatner's version of Captain Kirk. Sometimes it leads to me laughing out loud at a picture because it now has a completely new subcontext to me."
As a Trekkie since my youth, the recent Star Trek sub-context on this Golden Dawn blog has been a source of both great enjoyment and amusement for me. 

Morgan Eckstein has raised a very serious and most fascinating question above, however, for which he deserves kudos:

If entire worlds can celebrate their differences, maintain their independence and autonomy, yet forge a brotherhood transcending both culture and race, what might a similar spiritual alliance look like?

I have found many of the ideas arising from the Star Trek sub-context brought forth by Morgan Eckstein and by Neognostica on their respective blogs extremely thought provoking.

Both Morgan and Neo, each in his own way, has suggested, for example, that my "space cowboy," "arm photon torpedos and ask questions later" style of leadership may be somewhat of an anachronism in our community today.

Please bear in mind that only the fewest in the HOGD/AO choose to publicly associate their images with our order on the internet. The vast majority of our Initiates and Adepts actually prefer to remain hidden safely in obscurity, so I can't give them here the recognition that they rightly deserve.

Perhaps Morgan and Neo are correct, and I am already somewhat of a walking anachronism. Nonetheless, more than anything else, I am deeply honored by the fine crew of Initiates and Adepts with whom it remains my great privilege to serve our esoteric community.
"Dammit Jim, I'm a lawyer, not a doctor!"
Finally, in moments like these, when I feel the mounting pressure of years and perhaps as though this horse has seen its finest races already, I find comfort and solace in all of the fine, hard working, and upcoming Golden Dawn Initiates and Adepts, whose generation will carry on our mission once this old horse has gone to pasture.

Golden Dawn: A Next Generation?


  1. Here is a hot potato question for the Golden Dawn and wider esoteric community:

    Imagining for a moment some sort of Federation of initiatic orders and temples along the lines of the United Federation of Planets in Star Trek...

    What should be our Prime Directive?

  2. Of course, the Prime Directive would be to ensure that the quality standards of initiation and training are maintained throughout the whole Federation!

    Fr. L.e.N.e.

  3. The Prime Directive is for the mother ship to boldly travel where others have never gone before in order to seek out, defend, and report on alien theurgy to all federation members--which I believe you do David.

    Not that training and maintenance is not important but such events seem to take on more of a passive, post-hoc, "sub-directive" initiative. Without exploration the federation would become a stagnant watchdog perpetuating a very limited status quo.

    Like gently flowing waves, we shall roll upon vast celestial and terrestrial shores while peacefully preserving our autonomy and integrity as a great sea.

    Frater Hikaru Sulu

  4. Since I wrote this post, several initiatic orders have already expressed an interest in creating Federation of Initiatic Orders along the lines of the United Federation of Planets.

    Even one pre-Golden Dawn Rosicrucian order in Europe has also expressed an interest.

    Might this be an idea whose time has come?

  5. Having now put the proverbial worm on the hook Captain, where will we set our first course? What weaponry shall we prepare in case of attack? With whom is our first order of business?

    Also, while many appreciate Star Trek and Roddenberry's character/plot development, a critical look into the post-modern sci-fi media sensation, Battle Star Galactica (BSG)seems more apropos in addressing the existential complexities of mankind/life-forms and comparatively, pedagogical orders of ageless wisdom/mysteries.

    Consider this, Commander Bill Adama and Executive Officer Saul Tigh may be better personifications for the new and improved roles in the Federation.

    Hikaru Sulu