Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FAR+C Deception vs. True Alchemical Processing

From the outset of this blog, I would like to point out, yet again, that our order, the HOGD/AO, has never at any time claimed any lineage through the FAR+C  (Frere Ainees de la Rose Croix). This is a false rumor that has been repeatedly and deliberately spread by Mr. Ian Cowburn (who is a member of a competing Golden Dawn order). Since the Golden Dawn order Mr. Cowburn belongs to itself has no legitimate Golden Dawn lineage, Mr. Cowburn has systematically spread such false rumors in a in the vain hope of defaming our order and perhaps even of deceiving a few gullible individuals.
Notwithstanding, I have long been aware that the history of the FAR+C published in Roger Caro's "Legenda" reads much like a modern fairy tale. Nonetheless, I have always considered the FAR+C as authentic practitioners of the "wet way" in alchemy, although only at a very low level, since the FAR+C practice only analogical alchemy in an outer laboratory.
It turns out, however, that the truth is much stranger than this. It now appears that FAR+C alchemy is merely based on a misreading of a text describing a process of Hermetic Inner Alchemy that Roger Caro and his 32 associates could not fully understand since they were not alchemical initiates. This mistaken understanding of alchemy was immortalized by the appearance of a representative of Max Heindel's Rosicrucian Fellowship, who apparently duped Caro and his 32 associates into believing that they had discovered the "secret alchemy of the FAR+C" (this name was apparently being used by an inner group within the Rosicrucian Fellowship).
Roger Caro and his 32 associates then, with the authorization of this "FAR+C Prelat" began to call themselves the FAR+C, and appear to even have believed the fairy-tale-like history of the FAR+C that was published in Roger Caro's "Legenda." 
In reality, it now appears that the origin of the FAR+C is to be found not with the Knights Templar as claimed in Caro's "Legenda," but rather no further afield than a in deception perpetrated on Roger Caro and his 32 associates by a member of the inner circle of Max Heindel's Rosicrucian Fellowship - which itself has no legitimate Rosicrucian lineage to begin with either!
I have no doubt that Leonard Stevens, who has been claiming "FAR+C Lineage" since his recent trip to Belgium to meet with de Coster will be rather disappointed upon reading this blog. 
The greatest victims of this deception, however, have rather been the FAR+C brothers who poisoned themselves by consuming vulgar Mercury as a result of Roger Caro's uninitiated and false understanding of both the "wet way" of Hermetic alchemy as well as of the true nature of the Philosophers' Stone.
These unfortunate FAR+C brothers would have been well advised to have heeded the words of so many Hermetic Sages who have written time and again:
Our Mercury is not a vulgar one - but a philosophical one!
In conclusion, I would like to state clearly yet again that the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega is not an order in search of the Philosophers' Stone ...
... The HOGD/AO is rather an order in possession of the Stone.
In our Third Order, the HOGD/AO teaches not the false processing of the FAR+C, but the true and correct preparation of the Philosopher's Stone using the "wet way" of Hermetic Inner Alchemy, as well as the rectification and multiplication of the Stone.
The wet way of Hermetic Inner alchemy uses the Philosophers' Stone to transmute the physical body into a Solar Body of Light.
This - and no other - is the true meaning of the transmutation of Lead into Gold!
Hermetic Inner alchemy is a spiritual path of physical transmutation in order to attain conscious immortality inside of the universe of light.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
David Griffin
G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega
"Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Yeheshua Morimur.
Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"


  1. You're a liar, if you know anything about alchemy, then you know that transmutation of base metals into gold and the manufacture of gold out of thin air was being manufactured in a actual physical laboratory and never meant to be metaphorical, all other rhetoric by you and others is meant to deceive. We no longer need you or any other derisive secret initaitive organizations to impart this knowledge to a select few, while you brain wash them into thinking as you do, religion does the same. Now you will see the true power of the people of the light, thanks to modern day alchemists and the likes of David Hudson this information will go out to everyone who seeks without anything in return, and we will transform the world.

  2. The following response is from Master R, a Magister of the Third Order of the Alpha et Omega:
    You are partially correct in that there is indeed a branch of alchemy that advances one spiritually through the external transmutation of metals, herbs, or minerals. Where you are mistaken, however, is that you do not understand that there also exists alchemy that effects physical transmutation by using internal fluids and energies. You demonstrate that you have not fully understood alchemy in that you are separating the ONE - and the first law of alchemy is that "Everything is ONE. Thus each operation referring to an external metal may also be referred to a metal literally - INSIDE MAN. Thus you are only considering one aspect of alchemy and not ALL OF ALCHEMY - WHICH IS GLOBAL AND BASED ON UNITY.
    Hudson is but a student who has remained only with the physical, external aspect of alchemy - and remains ignorant of the mysteries of Internal Alchemy. Yet for the complete opus it is necessary that alchemy be complete. There are surely different branches of alchemy which should be studied separately and put into practice. Thus the external alchemy of Hudson is only a part of alchemy; "chemical alchemy" whereas we study alchemy WITHIN THE HUMAN BODY.
    There are diverse paths to attainment that may be followed all together or separately. This is a choice. We prefer working with the subtle fires of the body itself, such as love and sexuality, and the fluids of the human body, whereas you prefer chemical substances that exist in nature. Yet these alchemical paths are the same in the sense that we use the same elements arising from the same root. The difference is that we use elements within the human body, whereas you use those without.
    You should, however, always remember that true alchemy should always tend to the liberation of the energy that is contained within matter. Thus the way of Hermetic Internal Alchemy is the most useful to man. Due to the processing practiced by Hudson and others like him - they have been called "Puffers" (Souffleurs) by the ancients. When alchemical texts speak of "puffers" this is exactly what they are referring to, as such ways of external processing are extremely long when contrasted with Hermetic Internal Alchemy - and thus best left to others.
    Let there be no doubt about it. Hudson - and others like him - are "Puffers. " Hudson speaks not of ""aLchemy" but rather of "aRchemy" - from which arises modern chemistry. Alchemy is something else.
    You need consider only this one law:
    "Use nothing external to the matter of the Opus itself - which is already complete as it is - and all you should do is - cook - cook - cook."
    How is it possible, therefore, that Puffers like Hudson seek to use things external to the human body or to the matter of the Opus, when everything you need to complete the Opus Magnum is contained within the human body itself?
    Why do they not follow this most basic law of alchemy?
    For only one reason: to sell their potions and products and to make money. This is a question of business for these individuals.
    This is also why they are so upset with our order - because we reveal the truth about alchemy - and the truth is bad for their business!

  3. It is always so interesting and inspiring for the masters of the Third Order to be seen and heard, even under such unfortunate defamatory circumstances. I wonder if such wisdom and commentary could be issued publicly aside from responses to what will undoubtedly arise as negativity from those in disagreement, in proportion to the dedication to their own disciplines. Take for instance the paradigm shattering effect on a student of knowing for certain that in the highest practices of Hermeticism, that the body is seen as one with spirit - a profound disconnect from dualistic thinking. I would hope that in the future such dialog could be shared with students, like myself, who are steadily progressing, yet many years away from alchemical practices and thus could benefit from such divulgences as would better help to shape the many years we spend trying to build a cohesive pattern of thinking in our spiritual development. It is quite curious a practice to study the patterns of logic in the responses of such masters, where it is in response to this terrible defamation streak that is happening now.

    For example, I found the podcast on Sexuality in the Golden Dawn very (if I may) enlightening as to making the premises of sexuality and alchemy quite clear, and yet still without revealing secretive detail. And yet unfortuneatly I still had a sour feeling that I owe a lot of the information I learnt to the need for response to the cretins that continually bash the HOGD. This is a dark lining to our golden cloud. I hope that in the future we can find channels of communication and learning that can serve all this fantastic information, in a place that is nothing short of a celebration of the completed three order Golden Dawn system. Villans, monsters, and cretins aside!

    All the best, and thanks for the continuation of your efforts, GH Frater LES.

    In LVX,
    Frater MVV

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am reading The Stellar Man by John Baines and think it should be added to your reading list for beginers. I think it really gives a better understanding about Hermeticism and alchemy than seemingly abstract symbols and empty rituals. I just looked up "philosophers stone" in the wiki. Because I didnt even know what that was...though. I feel skeptical towards all the orders out there. I also find them to be pretty non-responsive, and as someone who sincerly wants to become more spiritually evolved, I feel this is very discouraging. I also saw some videos of the lodges and they look quite shoddy for people who say they know the secret of turning metal into gold. And why would I need to turn into Gold? It's simply not true that someone with a sincere urge to learn will find a master. Because I truely do want to but I have to take a solidary route appearently to learn anything. Initiatic schools seem to say that you cannot rise above animal level into stellar man without being accepted by us. Well I can't find love unless someone loves me and I cant be independant unless someone hires me, and Ive done neither, so it would come as no surprise that I wont be accepted because I am not the right type of person. So what do I do? Do I keel over and die? I of course will try to better myself on my own. If we needed a master to be better, then alot of us, are screwed. I know in my heart my own sincerity. Obviously none of these enlightened people can even tell shit from shinola. And if Im shit, then so are the people they accept because few are sincere as me or as serious about life as I am.

  5. I just wanted to add, like I said earlier, I just found out about the philosophers stone, its actually quite disheartening that there are all these people trying to cheat spiritual advancement.. if thats even possible. You have sketchy kids like Nick Collette who treats it like some sort of illicit drug trade. Im sure he firmly believes what he has is the real deal. Quite frankly, Im skeptical. Im actually on the wrong post because alot of my questions about initiation have been answered in the post about.. intiation. But I truely hope that the philosphers stone isnt the end all be all of the reason why people are in the order. Number one. I just dont believe that theres a magic potent thats gonna make you wiser. If it takes me 400 or 4 billion years to spiritually advance, at least my advancement will be real and hard earned. I think there are so many people who are just trying to take shortcuts. I thought this order was about being ready mentally, being the the now etc., more like buddhism. So I didnt put to much weight on books by Israel Regardie, because the information seemed fragmented. I have a Bachelors in communications, and the thing about my education was that it really helped me to understand the world and how everything ties in together, but it certainly didnt help me in a practical manner as far as getting a job. I approached this from the point of view of everything in its time and everything at the pace where you get a larger understanding for how it ties in, like understanding how algebra works rather than just to learn algebra. But I suppose everyone expected me to just learn algebra. So I am continuing my studies but I wont ellude myself with trying to find some magical elixer...I dont even know chemistry, and Id rather trust that if anyone knows something in this regard, its been tried and true. And you get to it in due course. People are trying to rip apart the school it seems to me just want the bubblegum in the middle or the prize inside of the cereal box its. I would have never imagined there to be drama like this. Its saddens me that there are people who join the HOGD for some magical elixer as the goal. If it even exists I question whether or not it should. And should there be a method for making it the papers are better off destroyed than revealed to the public otherwise we get a whole lotta Nick Collettes, teenagers with lsd. This is my current opinion. Im sorry because I never heard of this matter till three days ago, and I have been aiming to read the kybalion not intro magic books. I apologize for my ignorance.
    Jenny Contonio


    for an informed history of OSFAR+C.

  7. 1st the path is the reason to be a alchemist, I have study this for over twenty years, and still feel like it all new to me. I do not believe, that any Group can conclude it came from one group or a another any more, but they can find with in the sprite or the source the influences that form their teaching. Science had show that there is a great field of energy and each thing no matter how big or dead, alive or small, has come from this source, Some even think that this is the "God stuff", So lets not worry what group we descended from, but look for the deeper teaching that we are here at this time to learn. There are four way to obtain the stone, The F.A.R.+C has found just one path, but it does, and I repeat work. It is not as easy as the dry path, but in theory one can get the stone from any item if they have the knowledge and a enough of the items to start the great work. I found during this path, That I started to find riches, now I don't want riches any more, I now have more then enough funds to live in the top 1% of the US, and yes their in the millions, then I thought I would love to live forever, but then I came to the knowledge not only would I have to see my wife died but also my sons. Also I did not want to have the burden of carrying on the secrets that have been given to me. So why am I on the path still one would ask, well it is for mastery of self and to serve others. I know less now then I did then, I must confess up front that I am a student of the F.A.R.+C and will all ways be one, and one of life, I have here try to share my walk on the path and my finding of the stone...So will belive me, some will not, either way it is OK. May your study's bring you fulfillment in this life time and may you walk in the light of the source of all things. C.W.E. 32nd 3nd 19th.