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Sunday, January 15, 2012


by David Griffin
What the heck does ritual murder have to do with the Golden Dawn?
  What is this? - yet another chapter in the decades old Golden Dawn Internet Feud?
  I wish it only were!
  Here in the English speaking world, these are reasonable enough questions. But not so in Italy, where the reputation of the Golden Dawn tradition is already in the toilet in the public mind, due to a successful and still ongoing defamation campaign being waged against the entire Golden Dawn tradition.
  The principal agent of this defamation is a tabloid journalist named Gabriella Carlizzi:
Gabriella Carlizzi
  Carlizzi has floated an undending series of allegations so defamatory that, in the popular mind in Italy, the Golden Dawn has come to be associated not only with ritual murder, bet even with the murders of Jack the Ripper and the "Monster of Florence." Another primary actor in this drama is attorney, Paolo Francescetti, who many regard as an "expert" on the subject of ritual murder.
Paolo Francescetti
  The common thread in rumors and allegations surrounding human sacrifice and ritual murder in the mind of masses in Italy, is an alleged esoteric order Carlizzi calls the "Rosa Rossa." Below are just a small sampling, taken from here and here of the some of the shockingly defamatory writings of Gabriella Carlizzi:
The "Rosa Rossa" and its infiltration in certain sects, each is used unawares for the purpose of international crime, absolute power, and mind control ...

This esoteric Order [the "Rosa Rossa"] will be further defined as the most cruel, with their secret rituals all bent on human sacrifice ...
And who, according to Carlizzi, is the architecht of this madness?  Carlizzi writes:
The founder and leader of this Order was Arthur Edward Waite, Magician, Mason and esotericist of our times, who lived until 1942.
A.E. Waite
  That's right. You read correctly. Arthur Edward Waite!
  And the mysterious "Rosa Rossa" order of cannabalistic rites of human sacrifice is allegedly none other than Waite's "Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, Independent and Rectified Rite."
  Of all the cast of characters of the original Golden Dawn that Carlizzi could have chosen as the arch-villian in her myth, she chose Waite! Aleister Crowley, perhaps I could better understand. After all, Crowley did call himself "The Great Beast." But Waite?
  I wonder if Carlizzi realizes just how ridiculous she sounds in the ears of anyone who knows anything factual at all about the Golden Dawn. You can accuse Waite of many things, not the least of which is writing rituals so long and verbose that they are bound to put even the Energizer Bunny to sleep, but Waite - a ritual murderer? That has got to be one of the most preposterous things that I have ever read.
  Carlizzi continues:
Is there really the Order of the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis,  Independent and Rectified Rite?
Yes, there is this Order and assumed since its origin, characteristics, and that can not actually be considered as an emanation of other esoteric Masonic Orders, although it seemed to derive from the wider of magic of the Golden Dawn, blending in with the Rosicrucians in order to divert attenttion, but from what? 
... no one imagined that in that the tendency to mysticism and esoteric Christianity would have comprised the "justification" of "human sacrifice" in the name of a higher reason ...

... of bloody rituals, sacrifices, including the removal of 
real human body parts fron the victims, and fetishes, which became the Host during a similar celebration of the Eucharistic celebration of the Catholic religion.
  At this point, gentle reader, you are probably saying, "well, who except Nick Farrell (Golden Dawn leader living in Rome) cares at all about what the public in Italy thinks about the Golden Dawn? Well, perhaps the following declaration from Carlizzi may enlighten you to how dangerous to the entire Golden Dawn tradition this nonsense really is. Carlizzi continues:
Where is the world headquarters of the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, Independent and Rectified Rite, and how is it difused in the world?
The headquarters for reasons related to the birth of the founder of the esoteric school, Waite, lies precisely in the United States, with twenty-one temples, and its first branch in London, with eleven temples throughout England.
Then comes France, with five temples, of which the most active is in Perpignan. There are four temples in Italy, three temples in Germany, two temples in Brazil, and two temples in Egypt.
  That's right, this yellow journalist claims that there are 21 Golden Dawn temples in the USA that are not only using the boring rituals written by Waite, but are practicing human sacrifice and cannabalistic Eucharists as well!
  But wait, there's more.
  If this sort of tabloid journalism (that puts even the Golden Dawn's own Nick Farrell's yellow journalistic talents to shame) were not enough, Italian attorney, Paolo Francescetti, seems to be part of this defamation campaign against the Golden Dawn in Italy as well. Admittedly, Francescetti is more cautious in approach than is Carlizzi (perhaps because, as an attorney, Francescetti is likely more aware of the severity of libel laws in the USA and the potential legal consequences of statements like those routinely made by Carlizzi.
  Nonetheless, Francescetti repeatedly conflates the "Rosa Rossa," Calrizzi's mythical order of cannibals practicing human sacrifice, with the Golden Dawn. For example, Francescetti here writes:
London: the birthplace of the Golden Dawn. The "Rosa Rossa" is in fact also founded in 1887 by William Wynn Westcott (who was a member of the Rosicrucian Society in England), Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers and William Robert Woodman.
Francescetti continues:
In summary, then, the crimes of the Monster of Florence and those of Jack the Ripper murders were ritual that served to sanctify the areas of London and Florence, while the clamor of newspapers and TV, was used to amplify the effects of this ritual, the propagation of esoteric effects even on citizens.
The crimes of the Monster of Florence, together with those of Jack the Ripper, are the ones that have attracted public attention in this century. They have many similarities, and in fact they are both crimes committed by members of the Order of the "Rosa Rossa." The first who discovered the similarities and formulated a hypothesis in this sense (that is, identifying the Golden Dawn and the "Rosa Rossa" as a link between the two events) was Joseph Cosco who wrote the article on his blog: The Monster of Florence Jack the Ripper, disturbing similarities.
  For many years, I have been warning the Golden Dawn community that we could not afford the inter order bickering of the Golden Dawn flame war on the internet. One important reason for this, was I feared that something just like this might happen.
  And let us not be lulled into a false sense of security in the mistaken belief that such terrible defamation will remain confined to the Italian speaking world. There are plenty of monotheistic zealots and conspiracy kooks in the USA as well. 
  The time has come, therefore, for all of us in the entire Golden Dawn community to put our differences behind us once and for all, and to lock arms in solidarity as a united community defending the reputation of our beloved Golden Dawn tradition.
David Griffin
Imperator, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Chief Adept, Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis
Archon Basileus, Rosicrucian Order of AO


  1. "This is by far THE most preposterous scandal I have ever heard f and seriously needs to be debunked ! If this is the sort of journalism being spread ilke some sick virus ,than this needs to stop right now ! There is no truth in what Ms. Carlizzi writes whatsoever and someone needs thier head examined to even have the gall to spread such disgusting, and ridiculous crap !"

  2. It's amazing in this day and age with all kinds of information available to us that someone can still get away with writing such rubbish.

    -The politics of those whose goal is beyond time are always pacific; it is the idolaters
    of past and future, of reactionary memory and Utopian dream, who do the persecuting and make the wars-
    -Aldous Huxley-

  3. @ Anonymous

    Now you see why I have taken so much care always to refute defamation of the Golden Dawn. At least we have stopped the sort of nonsense in the English speaking world that has infected the Italian speaking world where the Golden Dawn community has not been as vigilant. The question remains, what should we as a community do about this now, to correct the public impression in Italy. Sadly, it will not be easy.

  4. I almost hesitate to call Carlizzi a journalist, even of the tabloid variety. From what research I could gather she advertises herself as a professional psychic and medium and runs a conspiracy theory website.

    She gained some measure of infamy in the Amanda Knox trial by being a police consultant allegedly channeling information from a dead priest. After Ms. Knox's conviction was overturned and the prosecutor in the case was forced to resign I wonder just how much credibility she has in Italy

  5. Italy = cathoholic. What more needs to be said except thanks for the post?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. There was a big scandal involving organized crime, Freemasons, the Catholic church & the Italian government back in the 70s/80s. Maybe that colors their opinions?
    I don't think Alex Jones even blames anything on the GD.

  8. Maybe you should know that Ms. Carlizzi died on August 11th, 2010.

  9. Dear "cousins" of the Golden Dawn,

    I jumped on this old post by doing some research for a novel I am writing, where the Golden Dawn is a force of light against the darkness brought by the nazi Society of Thule. A novel, sure, an esoteric adventure, nevertheless something I want to be as much serious as possible.
    I find your blog and site fascinating also because I am a freemason (hence the "cousins" at the beginning). I am also - Coup de theatre - Italian!
    I really feel your pain on this annoying issue, as I know very well the two "experts" you mentioned in the post. They have also attacked Freemasonry constantly on all possible media (mainly on the web of course). Franceschetti was recently invited by an extreme right party to be speaker in a conference where he reported the same amazing things he keeps saying in his blog: ritual murder and similar stuff.
    As we know on one hand we should simply ignore such slanderers (well Carlizzi is dead, but in Italy we have an army of those people), on the other hand we should be very careful as they can cause immense troubles and put us in danger. As someone has well said, the situation in Italy is complicated also because of the Vatican.

    Fraternal Greetings,
    Martin Rua