Thursday, December 24, 2009

Golden Dawn Hatfield and MacCoy Feud III (Answer to Morgan Drake Eckstein)

On his Gleanings From the Dawn Blog, Morgan Drake Eckstein just accused me of trying to control what he writes.

Actually, I do not even want Morgan to change his review of Magical Squares and the Tree of Life by Nineveh Shadrach.

And I certainly don't want Morgan's opinion to match my opinion or that of HOGD/AO members because life would be boring if we all behaved like the Borg!

On the contrary - Morgan is welcome to write whatever he wants to. This is, after all, the nature and function of the Blogosphere.

However, I am equally welcome to expose the Golden Dawn political sniping that so frequently underlies Morgan's editorial bias... well as how this seriously undermines Morgan's credibility as a reviewer.

Morgan claims he is a journalist. Well, a good journalist has a responsibility to present the facts and not to twist them to suit his own bias and political motivation to the point that people who read his reviews are discouraged from exploring new information. People don't deserve to be hoodwinked by factional politics while reading book reviews.

As an example of Morgan's interpretation of the facts to suit his own bias here is one example from Morgan's new blog:
"And I would like to point out that Nineveh Shadrach implied that they want us to construct this square. "Count yourself fortunate [to know about the Qaf square], but this fortune is merely a potential. It can only really become a full reality in your life, if you create the magic square and release its power" (xii). Why say this if they did not want us to actually do it?"
It took me a while to find the quote from the book since Morgan didn't bother to reference the page. After a bit of searching, I finally found it - and - contrary to what Morgan implies above - it is obvious that Nineveh Shadrach himself is the one encouraging people to experiment and explore new venues of magic - not Morgan's mysterious "They."

What reputable journalist would make a habit of twisting facts and making false attributions to authors of books that any one can double check?

More importantly, however, despite all of this nonsense, I extend my hand once again to Morgan as a Golden Dawn brother and say:
"This silly feuding has gone on far too long. Let's create harmony in the Golden Dawn community and end this silly bickering once and for all."
- David Griffin (the real MacCoy ;-)

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