Saturday, December 5, 2009

Book Reviews and the Golden Dawn Hatfield and MacCoy Feud (Reply to Morgan Drake Eckstein)

I am not astounded that my liking a forthcoming book, the Grand Key of Solomon the King, has provoked the ire and venom of BIORC Golden Dawn leader, Morgan Drake Eckstein. After all, there is a long history of any book that gets a positive review by Sincerus Renatus, by me, or by any other Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (AO) member, immediately being trashed by Morgan or his colleagues from the "official" list of Golden Dawn orders Morgon allies himself with.

The Golden Dawn Hatfield Clan

I am, however, a little surprised that a few casual remarks I made over a Cafe Latte should meet with such dripping sarcasm from Morgan - and that he would even mischaracterize such casual remarks as a full-on book review.

Let there be no doubt about it. The Golden Dawn flamewars (Hatfield and MacCoy feud on the internet) that have harmed the Golden Dawn tradition for decades have taken a new, subtle, yet perverted twist: politically motivated book reviews.
And yes, despite his scholarly veneer, Morgan Eckstein is also a principal player in this twisted game.

Want proof?

Why else would Morgan Drake Eckstein choose to review a Golden Dawn book that has been out of print for five years, except that it was written by an HOGD/AO member and was suddenly getting a lot of positive attention?

Want more proof?

Why else does Morgan Eckstein routinely spam his identical reviews all across the internet - from his personal blog, to, to, to

The reason is clear.

Morgan Drake Eckstein wants to make sure that his attack reviews show up on Google in as many places as possible.

Morgon, why not drop the Golden Dawn Hatfield and McCoy "review" sniping for once, and answer these tough questions instead?

Morgan's Golden Dawn feuding and review spamming do not represent responsible, credible reviewing. In fact, review spamming clearly violates the Terms of Service of many of the content sites Morgan Drake Eckstein has been flooding with the Golden Dawn Hatfield and McCoy feud.

More importantly, Morgan Drake Eckstein has escalated the Golden Dawn flamewars to a whole new arena - politically motivated Golden Dawn book "review" sniping.

Now that you see clearly what Morgan Drake Eckstein is really up to, let us look in depth at a point or two that he just made during his latest. Jed Hatfield, double-barrelled shotgun salvo. Morgan Drake Eckstein wrote:
“I doubt that anyone who is familiar with Norse mythology, Greek mythology, or Egyptian mythology is surprised that spirits have first names. (I am not sure about other mythologies, but a passing study of any one of these three should provide the student the hint that spirits have whole names, and not just last names.)”
I am impressed, Morgon, that for you this information is common knowledge (after the fact). I would be even more impressed if you were prove your point, for example by presenting a list of the 72 goetic spirits containing their first names and their surnames. Can you find this information in any source text that is familiar to modern Golden Dawn magicians? (Full Disclosure: The Grand Key of Solomon doesn’t deal with 72 goetic spirits, by the way).

Morgan Drake Eckstein continues:
“And no one who is experienced in working with evocation should be surprised either. After all, the first thing you ask a spirit is for its name. A single experience of a spirit giving you a full name should be enourgh to wake you up to the fact that Western grimoires are incomplete.”
I happen to be a collector of Grimoires, although it is common knowledge that I prefer Chaldeaen magic grimoires to Solomonic ones. Moreover, I am a collector of magical sigils - of which my Liber Sigillum presently contains 3,465 sigils.

This isn’t about what experienced ceremonialists with access to rare grimoire archives like ourselves would know, Morgon. This is about what the average Golden Dawn initiate has access to. Morgon, would you please be so kind a to show us the principle of first and last name for a spirit and its importance to evocation outlined in any official Golden Dawn paper? Or how about showing us where this notion even been mentioned in any of the works of John Dee?

It seems many of the experienced magicians were either unfamiliar with this principle or kept it outside of their personal notes, so how are we to expect the beginners to know?

Morgan Drake Eckstein wrote:
“The fact that Arabic grimoires are more complete should not be a surprise either. The Western world tried to wipe out its mystery traditions for centuries.”
How is your Golden Dawn factionalism and politically motivated "book review" sniping any different, Morgan?

If you truly care so deeply, why not try next time to focus on how our Hermetic tradition is strengthened by the resurfacing of important esoteric information - rather than taking cheap shots at casual comments I make over a latte?

Morgan, Golden Dawn flamewar and factional feuding serve no useful purpose, and spreading this nonsense to book "reviews" is just as petty as it is silly.

It is high time for us to all work together towards building greater harmony in the Golden Dawn community, towards ending flamewar on the internet, and to putting behind us the factionalism that has divided the Golden Dawn community for decades.

I apologize to the translator of the Grand Key of Solomon for liking this grimoire and expressing my appreciation of it on my blog.

I should have known that my mentioning this grimoire at all would only divert attention from the importance of the publication of this interesting new grimoire for sincere magicians.

Sadly, I should have known that even mentioning it would only being it into the crosshairs of Jed Hatfield and his Golden Dawn clan.

I have no doubt that this will not be the last we shall hear of this either.

I can see Morgan and his buddies already sharpening their pens and getting to spam the net with negative reviews yet once again.

Just look over there - in front the Hatfield house.

Jed and Jethro Hatfield are already stuffing shot gun shells with rock salt - just salivating for this grimoire to come out - for the next round of the Golden Dawn feud!

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
David Griffin (the real McCoy ;-)
G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega
"Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Yeheshua Morimur.
Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"


  1. "It is high time for us to all work together towards building greater harmony in the Golden Dawn community, towards ending flamewar on the internet, and to putting behind us the factionalism that has divided the Golden Dawn community for decades."

    I, for one, wholeheartedly agree.

    Frater V

  2. Would it not have been better to ignore Morgan's review?
    By posting this you are both as bad as each other.

  3. I can understand your sentiment, Brother. Believe me, I carefully weighed the pros and cons before speaking out. But we can not end the feuding by merely burying our heads in the sand. We must at least all become completely aware of the problem. The Hatfield and MacCoy book reviews are nothing new, nor is the spamming the content sites with them to dominate Google with the attacks. I have ignored these politically motivated, sniping book reviews for a very long time.

    I finally realized that nothing would ever change unless I at least pointed out to the public what is actually going on here. The problem is that people on the outside read this garbage and thing that they are legitimate book reviews. They have no perspective on the political motivations behind them and how they are rooted in the Golden Dawn feud. No wonder the Golden Dawn is getting such a bad reputation and publishing houses are dropping Golden Dawn titles right and left.

    Lancing the boil to let all of the puss out was unfortunately the only way left to open up the possibility that things might yet start to heal.

    1. while this is way late comment i like to look back and add my 2 cents lol i just find it hilarious that eckstein makes any comment on names at all after viewing his performance of a simple ritual like the lbrp on you tube where he taps his foot and sings (very poorly i might add his cats could do better) the names of the archangels and pronounces them in a way that makes nooo sense "to the right of me stands MICKEY-EYE- ILL" LMFAO apparently disneys mickey mouse was inspired by a archangel . the raf- ee- ay- ill and gay-bree- eye-el were funny too but mickey(michael) was the best lol no vibration no hint of hebrew no modern english even but yet he wants to talk about names in another book wow

  4. I would go even further and say it is high time for the whole occult community to stop feuding, and learned that when the need arises, we can ALL manage to, well, if not exactly work together, at least give mutual support and encouragement. To be honest I don't give a tinker's cuss about in which "organisation" my true brethren have chosen to work, or happen to have been initiated in this lifetime. One gets to know another occultist, one uses one's own discrimination and discretion as to whether they are serious or not, one chooses whether to engage with them or not, one takes responsibility for one's own decisions ... period! That is why we have powers of discrimination and discretion ... one uses them wisely or unwisely ... in either case one grows by doing so.

  5. @ Anonymous:

    Bravo. I could not agree with you more. Golden Dawn brothers and sisters are brothers and sisters, no matter which order or temple or order they belong to.

    If all make an effort together, we can still turn this thing around. It is actually only a very few people in the Golden Dawn community that are personally responsible for the ongoing Hatfield and McCoy Golden Dawn feud. Unfortunately, however, these few individuals remain in leadership positions.

    To those of us who are blessed to be in leadership positions in Golden Dawn temples and orders...

    Let us remember that we have a sacred responsibility. Our initiates have entrusted us with facilitating their spiritual growth. We have a moral imperative to live up to this responsibility. Let us endeavor to do so.

    To the rank and file initiates, the brothers and sisters of the Golden Dawn everywhere:

    Let us remember that it is each and every one of you who truly make up the temples and orders that you belong to. Those who lead you do so only by virtue of the sacred trust and faith that you place in them.

    I, for one, have heard you and I feel your pain. I know that YOU want PEACE and HARMONY in the Golden Dawn community. I know that YOU want to see an END to the terrible Hatfield and McCoy FEUD that has divided our Golden Dawn community for nearly two decades and has nearly destroyed the reputation of the entire Golden Dawn tradition in the eyes of the public.

    I urge you to remind your leaders that YOU intiates are the Golden Dawn - not we leaders - and that YOU want HARMONY. If your leaders will not you give peace and harmony in the community, then there remains but one thing to do - to vote with your feet!

    One way or another, ultimately HARMONY WILL PREVAIL in the Golden Dawn community.


  6. I'll hang with anonymous for now. I have noticed that many occult groups and enterprises are riddled with this sort of thing. It's a bit worse among the witches and spiritualists but egos are flaming and defaming one another all across the occult landscape and its fringes.

    I have to wonder what keeps you folks from rising above it. I know we all want the last word, to be right, to be better, to be more influential, and so on. But, it doesn't necessarily serve the Work. I suppose it may be good for pr in some markets but is that really where you want to be ?

    Maybe though it's a flaw in the paradigm. You do know we are in a shift ? Supernovas do that.