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The SHOCKING TRUTH about Robert Zink's Esoteric Order of the "Golden Dawn"

Latest Credit Card Scam Update ...
Better Business Bureau "F" Rating Confirms Robert Zink EOGD Internet Fraud!
Read complete details here and here.

Robert Zink (G.H. Frater P.D.R. - Pro Deo et Rege), doing business as the Esoteric Order of the "Golden Dawn" (, just published yet ANOTHER misleading blog post on his "Golden Dawn Blog" ( ...

... this time about how the Alpha et Omega is the continuation of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of 1888 and not a separate order.

Mr. Zink is correct - of course - that, following the Horos scandal, S.L. MacGregor Mathers changed the public name of the Golden Dawn to the Rosicrucian Order Of Alpha Et Omega (commonly referred to as the Alpha et Omega or simply A.O.)

What Robert Zink is NOT telling you, however, is that:

1. That S.L. MacGregor Mathers did indeed rename the Golden Dawn for the public as the ‘Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega’ already over a hundred years ago - keeping the Golden Dawn only as the private name of the Alpha et Omega’s outer order - but he did this also to distinguish the order from schism makers, fakes, and pretenders that were already calling themselves "Golden Dawn."

And Robert Zink is also not telling you that:

2. Robert Zink HIMSELF is one such fake and pretender!

Fortunately for you and the rest of the public, however, Robert Zink's ex-wife, Sonya Neiman Zink, has let the cat out of the bag about how she and Robert REALLY co-founded their order - originally called the Eternal Circle of Light - now doing business as the Esoteric Order of the "Golden Dawn."

Here are a few uncomfortable facts about the Esoteric "Golden Dawn" - revealed by CO-FOUNDER, Sonya Neiman Zink:

1. First off, Robert and Sonya Zink WERE NEVER INITIATED into any grade of the Golden Dawn - and contrary to misrepresentation - EOGD owner Robert Zink is still NOT a Golden Dawn initiate, even today!

2. Moreover, despite LIES AND RUMORS spread by Robert Zink for years about some mysterious "Mentor" Zink has claimed is from a former American temple of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega:

a. Robert Zink has NO GOLDEN DAWN LINEAGE whatsoever - and his mysterious mentor does not exist. According to Sonya Neiman Zink, this mentor nonsense is a total fabrication made up by Robert Zink for faked credibililty.

b. In fact - Robert and Sonya founded their "Golden Dawn" using only two sources: Israel Regardie's Golden Dawn book - and a Ouija board!

I personally have no problem with any of this.

What I DO object to is Robert Zink lying to people - telling the whopper that he has Golden Dawn lineage through the Alpha et Omega ...

... and Robert Zink's pretending on his webisite to be the "Guardian of the True Golden Dawn Tradition" when in fact he has NO CONNECTION WHATOEVER TO THE TRUE GOLDEN DAWN other than that he bought Israel Regardie's Golden Dawn book!

But that's not all ...

... The worst deception - by far ... is Robert Zink's nonsensical claim that "Astral Initiation" (a dangerous scam opening candidates to the DANGER OF POSSESSION by low Astral Entities) is as good as traditional, physical, True Golden Dawn Initiation.

So why does Robert Zink deliberately lie to you you like this?

... Because Robert Zink sees the Golden Dawn as a CASH COW - as just one more of Mr. Zink's New Age marketing schemes.

Please DON'T just take my word for this.

Please go look instead for yourself - at Robert Zink's "Personal Magic" website (

See what I mean?

What you find on Robert Zink's battery of slick websites - are a whole host of schemes designed to sell every New Age trinket imaginable- posters, perfumed oils, guided fantasy CDs, fluffy bunny seminars - everything but the kitchen sink...

So you see - Robert Zink's "Golden Dawn" Astral Initiation scam is not his only racket ...

... the Astral Initiation hustle is just the beginning for Robert Zink...

... In fact - Robert Zink takes anything that sells on the New Age market - gives it a new name - its own slick website - and voila ... yet another Robert Zink flimflam is born!

Here are just a few examples of Robert Zink's recent New Age schemes:

1. Reiki - got repackaged into Robert Zink's "Ruach Healing." (

2. The Secret - got repackaged into Robert Zink's "The Guarantee" (

3. Angel Cards - got repackaged into Robert Zink's "The Power or Angels." (

4. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) got repackaged into Robert Zink's "Neuro Linguistic Alchemy." (

5. Life Coaching - got repackaged into Robert Zink's "Miracle Mentor" and "Alchemy Life Coach." (

6. And what is Robert Zink's latest racket? - This time a repackaging of New Age subliminal CDs -"Increase Your Psychic Power While You Sleep" (

7. Just like traditional, physical Golden Dawn initiation got repackaged into "Astral Initiation" -  Robert Zink's "Golden Dawn" scam ...

So - with Robert Zink selling everything from New Age snake oil to the kitchen sink...

... and repackaging everything from Reiki to the Golden Dawn - as Robert Zink's own personal RACKETS ...

... who can possibly still take Robert Zink's Astral Initation - "Golden Dawn" scam seriously?

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Chief Adept, R.R. et A.C.
Archon Basileus, Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega


  1. Ummmm I bet he has blessed sinks now :o)

  2. My point is not that there is something inherently wrong with rebranding New Age stuff.

    My point is rather that all this rebranding of New Age stuff clearly demonstrates what RZ is up to by pulling this untraditional "Astral Initiation" rabbit out of his hat.

    The difference is that, unlike all of the New Age stuff RZ is cloning right and left, the Golden Dawn is a 120 tradition and part of the 2,000 year old Hermetic tradition.

    Concepts like "initiation" have very specific traditional meanings and functions. Therefore, trying to give these things a new and unconventional meaning, like purely "Astral Initiation" with a candidate meditating on the other end of the world instead of physically present within a traditional Golden Dawn temple, is not only dangerous - it is downright deceptive - especially when you are calling yourself the "Guardian of the True Golden Dawn Tradition".

    Rebranding "The Secret" as "The Guarantee" is one thing ...

    ... but trying to rebrand Golden Dawn initiation as "Astral Initiation" is an entirely different matter.

    Traditional initiation always has the candidate physically present. In the Golden Dawn this is even more important as the outer order functions primarily in a spiritual sense by the impression made on the psyche of the candidate by the symbols encountered during the initiation.

    Admittedly, physical initiation does also impact the astral body of the candidate, but to throw the physical element out the window and to claim that the same thing can be done with a candidate meditating on the other end of the world is utter nonsense.

    RZ knows this very well. He just likes the gimmick of telling people that anyone can be a Golden Dawn initiate, even if you live in a cave in the Himalayas. It is a sales gimmick. Nothing more and nothing less.

    It is the deception involved that I object to - especially because of the danger of possession by entities from the Lower Astral that "Astral Initiation" opens unwitting people up to!


  3. I have a friend in the golden dawn that says everything you write is lies. Myself, will go remove myself from all his sites and I thank you for telling the truth. Keep up the work because alot of people have been brain washed and they still think you are wrong.My friend will probably tell me off and wont be my friend any longer. Thats ok because I always wondered because i have been in this spiritual seach for 35 years. Thank you.

  4. Everything you say is true I have seen it from the inside the things I have seen and I do mean seen for myself . He is a con man thats it he taken money from order mebers and lots of it . I could write a book.

    Robert Zink is an insult to the golden dawn

  5. Robert is calling new age stores around the country trying to set up classes for his 2 day power of angels class. After reading all these comments all over the web WATCH OUT AMERICA!!!

  6. In 1995 I was physically initiated in Robert Zink's temple. For me, the energies worked. I did find stability when stability was not.

    But in time I did have doubts about lineage claims. I began many changes that eventually led me away from that temple. I did voice my scrupples. I did not expect, though, to be excommunicated like I was told I was, after that group Romanized. I had been told to give up on transition, though the energies uncovered a real personal issue regarding my gender identity, a transition which I completed to my benefit as an integrated human being.

    I have continued my rites on a solitary basis. I have never joined another group since then. Do I miss temple work? Sure. One can't cut loose with rites as well as one can in an established temple. But I haven't felt right with remaining in that order for many years and I can't see myself ever any order temple.

    Nevertheless, the principles presented by the Zinks, relabeled or not, have been very useful to me. Could it have been better coming from a source of proven lineage? Sure. Could it have been better without so much partisanship? Definitely. But the teachings of the Golden Dawn are perennial, and some of the best I have ever known. For this, I don't fault the Zinks. They were what was available to me, and regardless of what kind of people they may be, I remain as fond of them as ever, even if permanently apart. It is what I learned. I doubt if I would have learned from another.

    What causes me to distrust orders even more is the constant, even viscious attacks among groups. This doesn't make sense to me. If all are working toward the Highest, it makes sense that the Highest would reconcile them all. I haven't seen this. It has to be the greatest impediment to the Great Work, one that has detracted much from its credibility, and for which everyone has incurred guilt. No order has a corner on Kether. Only the Divine does.

    I am sure that all parties will condemn me for these words.

  7. Robert Zink offered me astral initiation for $150 but wouldn't talk about anything until I sent the money. After he got it he told me there was a dangerous angel hanging around me and that he needed 500 dollars to remove it. Yes, I am stupid. After he got that I saw Robert Zink sending malicious thought forms at me. This jerk off tried to layer a strong false identity over my present personality. In the end I saw him walking away as he thought, "Hmmm, he's got a strong mind."

    Beware of this wolf in sheep's clothing. He promises the light, takes your money, and then tries to deliver you to the dark.

    Everything about this guy is a front.

    In progress:

  8. Robert Zink is a salesman with an MBA in marketing. Need I say more.

  9. Robert Zink does not have a degree from any accredited university. He got his "MBA" in marketing from one of those online "diploma mills" called "Alexandria University". I looked that up and the only "Alexandria University" I could find is in Egypt.

  10. During my first days in the EOGD, the shock of Robert dumping Sonya for Raphela was something that almost made me leave. When I found out that Sonya was only 17 when she started sleeping with Robert in Las Vegas, I realized that he was not only a statotory rapist but a SERIAL statutatory rapoist. He met Sonya when she had a "summer job" in Vegas as a cash courier in one of the semi-legal "phone rooms" (otherwise known as 'boiler rooms') in Vegas that would collect instant cash from phone transactions that would promise some guy a diamond ring or Cadillac on a "maybe you have a good chance" as long as they would allow Sonya to ride over to their business or residence to collect the cash. Then her "liasons with the boss" started. She was 16-17 at the time. Soon she became impregnated with "Little Robert" or Christian Zink as his birth name turned out to be. Both Sonya and Raphela were less than 17 at the time of conception of their children by Robert. He abandoned the third of four families to get with Sonya.

  11. I was in Robert Zink's inner circle for a long time too, and I watched him shamelessly use people for thier money and resources until they were tapped out; then he would simply kick them out of the order. In Fontana, he used to regularly go into trance while lying on a couch in the living room and "channel" the "Third Order" to his second order members. He claimed not to remember any of it afterward and he would have people like Sonya or Raphela "scribe" whatever the particular "contact or guide" said and read it back to us. There is a chance that he really didn't remember any of it. I think most of it was an open exhibition of some type of multiple personality disorder, or it could have been nothing more than bad acting. I hear that he is now "channeling" this same "Third Order" openly on stage at some of his pricey seminars. Been away from there since the late 90's but I do have memories, most of them bad. I too could write a book about how many people quit their good paying jobs, relocated somewhere near a temple and slummed off of other order members as unwanted roommates and generally ruined their lives because the "Third Order" said they had to. Many were told that they had to quit their jobs, leave their families and move to different cities, or stay near the Isis temple when a good paying job opportunity opened up somewhere else, at the behest of the "Third" or get dropped to portal or thrown out. That's just the tip of the iceberg. The Golden Dawn system is not a cult. Robert Zink's EOGD is.

  12. Has Robert told anyone about the number of times he marched his partner down to the clinic for an abortion of children he didn't want? Average price of an abortion is $500.00. That had to come from member contributions and donations. That is easy to say because Robert never held a job for the entire time I knew him. Has anyone ever mentioned the Late term abortion that he forced Sonya to have or the fever that nearly killed her because of it? He refused to send her to a hospital because the other would be documented. Lot's of people are fucked up; I'm used to that. What I have a problem with is someone who claims to be a healer and powerful spiritual leader and above all of this and yet openly does the same things as white trash in a local bar.

  13. Here's Robert Zink's new "Scam Artist Headquarters: . That site will ultimately redirect you here: . There he mentions Mary Kreske, the latest gleam in his eye. Well, not so "latest". Seems he bailed out on Raphela about a year ago and did a midnight run to LaCrosse with little more than a suitcase full of clothes. That honeymoon is waning after a year though, I hear he is now trying to cheat on Mary too, with some other outer order girl. All Robert Zink wants to do is rake in more members so he can fleece them for money for his big screen tv's, iphones, women and other toys. If you are serious about a spiritual path, I would take it somewhere else if I were you. If you like a lunatic con artist who talks to angels, promises you the moon (goddess) and a chance to touch his fluffy bunny "talking stick", then maybe EOGD is for you. You'll go far there if you have a young looking curvacious body, a nice set of breasts and a gullible mind. He once was quoted as saying "Women are only good for giving me sex and making my babies. Everyone else who wants to advance in his order had better have deep pockets and an open checkbook. Sex and money will get you adepthood, regardless of knowledge or ability.

  14. Robert zink is on the move again! I guess they couldn't make a go of their scam shop in Lacrosse, Wi. and Robert and his new flame Mary Kreske are on the lam to go live with an EOGD member in LA. My suspicion is that they are probably either running away from debts linked to their shop (that they effective stole from its original owner) or they are evading some pending legal action. Hold onto your wallets Los Angeles!

  15. I too was a part of the Zink army for awhile. I am truly sorry for alot of the things I did while in Zink's order at the behest of this con-artist. He had me join Griffin's order, out of my money of course, in order to spy and steal grade material. I complied because I believed at the time he really was in though with the Divine, and could me achieve the same, and give me a real sense of identity. When I think of all the things I saw him or his lackeys do it really makes me feel physically ill. In a way, my spirituality now, which is one largely of nature, Christ, and compassion, is an attempt to make restitution for ever having my name affiliated with that God forsaken man.

  16. Robert Zink's house of cards is falling. His whole Order is wise to his NLP and other tricks because, unlike the Halcyon Days of Fontana, he has a lot of straight up professional people with skill, trades and real jobs; not a bunch of 16-19 year old kids who moved from their parents to his "Order House" for a new "Daddy". Back then, he could get away with crap because mothers played their daughters into his bed for power and the other "kids" would work menial jobs doing security or retail and give up their pay checks for an allowance. He used to encourage people to quit good jobs because the "Interfered with Spiritual Life". He tried to get me to do that too, I told him to go to hell and still gave him money from my hefty paycheck. I still can't understand how he expected people to give up thier income and still support him as the "Full time Viceroy" for the Order. In that respect, he was trying to follow original "linage": Mathers depended on Annie Horniman for rent until she got tired of the same crap. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it...". Yep Robert wanted to live like Mathers and he's getting that. Instead of theatrical public Isis Invocations (hmmm...Selling magic I presume?), we have "Trance Magic Marketing" which markets subliminal suggestion CD's, "The Guarantee", "Ruach Healing (Pranic Healing repackaged)" and whatever other public invocation or "Angel Channeling" that he and Mary Kreske can dream up. I think he finally met his match in her, both of them talk to air and alter their voice to make everyone think it's an "angel" and both of them rake in the cash doing that. They are both cut from the same soiled cloth. Sadly, a lot of people drawn to spiritual paths get "turned off" and bitter in old age because the got hoodwinked by people like this couple.(Horos comes to mind...) Mary got her training for a Dr. Doreen Virtue? Look that one up on Google. C'mon, Jimmy Swaggert had a pipeline, and a dildo, to his god also... Get a grip. I assume that Robert has his Koolaide dose for himself, Mary and whoever else believes he is he "Vicar of Christ" whenever the bottom drops out; then they will all be in the THIRD ORDER!!! In the words of a popular song on the radio: "I'll see you at the bottom if there ever is one. They say when you get there you'll know it... I've been fallin' so long, it feels like gravity's gone and I'm just floatin'....". I think this band wrote this song for all of the hundreds of thousands of people who still believe that "De-Nile" is still a river in Egypt. Time to wake up Bobby.

  17. My heart goes out to you. In fact it goes out to anyone who knew Robert, was a member of his order or was intimate with him. What you must understand is that Robert Zink and the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn are two different things. Robert truly cannot be associated with the Golden Dawn System at all. The Golden Dawn, even the EOGD from a standpoint of a lot of good people who are its members, is a system to help HEALTHY minds grow into a very special level of self discovery. This is so much more than "magic", it's knowing who you are and what you really mean to yourself and others.

    The EOGD has a burden upon it right now that few other groups have to bear. That burden has been there since its inception in the early 90's. That burden is a very mentally unstable man named Robert Zink. Ask anyone who ever left the EOGD in its various forms, from the Eternal Circle of Light, Eternal Golden Dawn or any of its other names, why they left. To a person, the will ALL tell you that the core reason for their departure had something to do with Robert Zink. Eventually, he emotionally, financially and sometimes mentally damaged anyone who ever got close to him for any reason. Some of the founding adepts are still so wrecked that they still cannot function properly in society ten years later. One of them is living in a homeless shelter, this person still cannot function enough to hold down a job and household. This was a former leader who spent a lot of time working closely with Robert. Robert has no sense of guilt or remorse for anything that he does. In fact, he lives in a pretend world without even the awareness that he is doing anything wrong. I feel for every former or present adept or lover or close friend that he ever had or currently has. If you feel you can remain as his caregiver forever, so be it. That is all you will ever be for him. If you leave, that will be painful too. Either way, don't lose your sense of self in the process. Try not to associate the Golden Dawn with what happened either. It is a beautiful system and its easy to let him ruin it for you. It is also easy to walk away before that happens. If you let him ruin the GD in your mind, you let him take one more thing, among many I'm sure, from your life. Again, it's your choice.

    For all of us who had these harrowing experiences with Robert, in whatever capacity, be it student, friend, or lover; I have included two links in this post that I suggest you read. In them, you will find understanding of Robert as a person and his behavior towards you all this time. With understanding comes healing. You will probably find a lot of information on the websites that will surprise you, a lot will seem very familiar to you from your experiences with Robert. Please take the time to read these links and realize that this wasn't all your fault:

    Perhaps this information will help all of us who knew him heal. Perhaps, though unlikely, it will encourage him and any of his current caregivers to seek professional help.

  18. It is now believed that Robert Zink has left LaCrosse and returned to Seattle. Be Warned Washington! While in LaCrosse, he cut a wide path of pain and destruction! He and Mary Kreske totally destroyed a beautiful historic home he and his Bride of Dracula lived in; purchased the Violet Flame with promises of payment which never materialized; purchased products and stock items on the existing accounts of the previous owners and states that all such stock was removed from the premises by the previous owners; left unpaid bills; stole furniture from the home they were in; and destroyed the reputation of anyone unfortunate enough to associate with them. Although evicted from that home and the next one they moved into for a few short months, they managed to find a 3rd address and once the Police and the District Attorney was enlisted, he mysteriously disappeard from LaCrosse. Unfortunately, he forgot and left Mary Jane behind. LaCrosse is still in danger and once again, Seattle is full of Robert Zink!!

  19. Please note that the comment was published by a commenter hiding behind anonymity. Note also that not a shred of evidence was presented by this anonymous commenter. Considering how much defamation has been spread by anonymous trolls previously in the Golden Dawn community, as long as no hard evidence surfaces to substantiate such shocking allegations, I urge readers of this blog to take the above comment not with pinches - but with buckets of salt.

    - David Griffin

  20. A lot of the above post is indeed written in a bit of a sensationalistic manner but one thing holds true: I knew Robert for a long time and this is very consistant behaviour for the guy I knew. He and Mary did indeed pull off a shady deal to purchase the Violet Flame and for a time you could go to and see a notice stating "This site has moved, visit us at

    It is here that Robert and Mary state themselves as the new owners. That notice and link has since been removed from the site. The other one is still up but no longer linked to the main site. I think perhaps something went sour and the original owner took her property back. I distinctly remember when Robert opened, bled dry, and closed another shop in LA called the "Mystic Eye" and left it with unpaid accounts in someone else's name there too. I was there for that one, and I myself saw him with the $8000.00 or so in cash from that shop in the 90's. He used that cash for his first midnight foray to Washington after getting evicted from the "Order House" in Fontana. As to getting evicted from the house that he and Mary lived in: circumstantial but believable. He got on his own outer order forum and sent out a "beg letter" stating that he and Mary had to leave thier "Mansion in Lacrosse" and needed donations from the EOGD membership to "buy forks and spoons" etc. That was when Edward (BT) got on the same forum and asked everyone to use their credit cards to buy them online gift cards for whatever they needed.
    As to him leaving Lacross in the middle of the night--well he arrived that way, and forgot to bring his ex-wife from Seattle, go figure. In that regard, I hear he is trying to get some of his "Gold-fire" people to quit their jobs (another repetetive pattern--lots of order people in the past did this for him) and move with him up to Seattle to start another "Order House" like the one in Fontana in the 90's. I know he has given them inflated promises, just like he did us. All I can say to anyone thinking of doing this is DON'T! You will severely regret it later, when he starts taking your whole paycheck each payday and giving you a weekly "allowance" and making you stay up and do chores all night before you have to be at work the next morning. Nobody can do that long, then he will berate you for losing your job over it. Please think carefully before doing this. Consider the fact that this same type of info has been posted all over the net from many of his other angry victims for the last 10-15 years. District Attorney action? Probably only a matter of time, especially with the amounts of money involved. One person in Europe gave him her whole life savings of about $30,000.00. People have gone to trial for scamming less. Sooner or later the law of averages catches up to everyone.

    Ok, I think enough is enough at this point.

  21. Hey all! I hear that Deepak Chopra is going to be saying "grace" on Public Radio for Thanksgiving. I wonder if Robert Zink is going to say "grace" on his "Thanksgiving Podcast" over Public Internet? I'm sure it will be for all the children...

  22. Well I have known Robert and his Order for several years and I just found out that he just ripped off more of his OWN members in Northern CA and went back to WI after burning more bridges. This loser really has no shred of integrity, morals, or ethics, OR any COMMON SENSE. He's gonna run out of people to take advantage of. Wonder what he's gonna try to do then....

  23. Here is proof that there is a serious rift between the adepts of the EOGD and Robert Zink.
    These emails are from Robert's EOGD forum and pretty much reflect that he is fighting being expelled from the EOGD by the rest of its body of Adepti:

    Sent: Sat, January 29, 2011 12:53:40 AM
    Subject: [GDMS] Replacement Forum

    Avete Fratres et Sorores,

    We regret to inform you that this forum must be closed down due to irremovable accounts that are being used by unauthorized persons to conduct personal commercial business in violation of policies that have been approved by the Chiefs of the Second Order. A new forum has been created and invites to it will be sent over the next couple of days. The new forum will comply with the standards that have been approved by the Chiefs of the Second Order including the prohibition against advertisement of or testimonials for any commercial products or services unrelated to the official Work of the Order. It will be primarily for the discussion of the Sacred Mysteries and Order Studies and secondarily for administrative announcements and organizing classes, meetings and group ritual work. This older forum will no longer have any connection with the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn and all accounts that can be are to be removed from it effective immediately. We look forward to assisting you with your Great Work on the new forum. If you do not recieve your invite to the new forum within one week, please email

    In Love, Truth, and Knowledge,
    The Chiefs of the Second Order

    From: GDMS Moderator
    Sent: Thu, February 3, 2011 10:21:44 AM
    Subject: Important Message to All Members

    Important Message

    February 1, 2011



    Recently our private members forum was seriously compromised and members were removed and asked to join another forum. THIS WAS NOT AN OFFICIAL ACT AUTHORISED BY either THE GH FRATER TDL or MYSELF, GH FRATER PDR. There seem to be several invitations from a variety of sources claiming that a particular forum is the new OFFICIAL MEMBERS-ONLY FORUM. This is not the case and may be a phishing expedition.

    Only an invitation from the Esoteric Golden Dawn Moderator constitutes an official invitation back to the forum. There is only one forum that is the OFFICIAL MEMBERS-ONLY FORUM and it is the GDMS MEMBERS (Esoteric Golden Dawn) forum. It is this forum that is the only authorized members-only forum by the Chiefs of the Second Order, including GH Frater PDR, Imperator General of the Order, and GH Frater TDL, who is the Imperator of the Temple of Isis and Chief Adept of the Second Order (the Chiefs of the Second Order).

    We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. It is critical to know that if you receive an invitation from any other forum, it is NOT an official forum, NOT part of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn and you should ignore this invite. THIS MAY BE A PHISING SCAM BEING USED TO OBTAIN MEMBERS NAMES AND INFORMATION.

    What you should know:
    It may take up to 2 weeks to receive an invitation back to the members-only forum.
    Order members who receive this message and have not received an invitation back to the forum should click on one of these links to request to have forum access restored:
    Send an email:
    ALL on-line classes are ONLY advertised on the OFFICIAL Forum, including the new classes that are now being taught by GH Frater PDR.
    If you are receiving this letter, please go to the website and see that this is indeed an official announcement.
    On Behalf of the Chiefs of the Second Order,

    GH Frater PDR, Imperator General of the Order and
    GH Frater TDL (Temple of Isis Mighty Mother), Chief Adept of the Second Order of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn


  25. I was a member in the mid 90's. I remember the "Eternal Circle of Light" copy manuscripts that got overlaid with GD material. I remember when Raphaela's mom was so addicted and brain washed she gave her teenage daughter to Robert for sex at age 16. Is there no statute of limitations for statutory rape? I remember the lavish, extensive and beautiful GD pillars, altar, tablets, banners, tools, robes, vault, all made by enslaved cult members. The term used by the Adepti in their recent letter describing his actions as "cultish" is the most accurate, if somewhat soft-pedaled way, of acknowledging the damage done by Zink/Zinga as a manipulative, cult leader. I pray the Adepti can alchemically separate the man from the work and restore honor to the GD legacy as revealed in the EOGD.

  26. Well it seems Robert Zink is not going out quietly. Word is that he has taken the email addresses of the EOGD Outer Order members and tried to convince them that he is still "Chief Magus of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn" even though he has lost the support of the body of Adepti. He has also apparently contacted some members privately to try to con them into doing work for him but it's not working. Seems the EOGD Adepts will have their hands full trying to take out the trash....

  27. Avete -

    I can confirm the emails that "Mystical Man" quotes. I received the very same ones when I was involved with the EOGD, not all that long ago. At the time of their receipts by me, I was teetering on the brink of the decision of whether to leave the whole business and seek my Path elsewhere. That sordid business only cemented my decision.

    I kept thinking to myself: "Well here we go with the whole Revolt of the Adepti thing of the turn of the century again" and had the very strong urge to cast both parties the stiff middle finger and go climb mountains in Mexico....

    I never did get to Ixtacihuatl - lamentably enough - but I did leave the Order without much issue.

    I have since washed my hands of all things Golden Dawn, and am happily within the aegis of the A.'.A.'. and O.T.O.

    In Fraternity,
    Fra. P.A.M.

  28. Everything you say is correct about Zink. He stole my wife's payment for his course, and will not reply to numerous e-mails. When I started investigating I found all these weird websites dedicated to repackaged fluff, with him staring into the picture like the next messiah (but looking more like a convict).

    I belonged to his yahoo group for a year and left because of the ridiculous nonsense he kept spouting. I should have learned and warned my wife, wish I had now as we are £200 worse off!

    Keep up the good work, the guy's a crook and a phoney.

  29. RZ has left La Crosse WI in June, 2011 - leaving behind a mountain of dept and a boat load of lies and confusion. He is back in LA, the City of Angels. How ironic.

  30. He's still at it. Under the guise of "Chief Magus of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn" he just convinced me to send money for a years membership, the correspondence course, and the astral initiation.

    He's a clever man. After doing some due diligence --though obviously not nearly enough -- I was concerned about a few things and asked, by email, for more information. Instead of replying by email he would phone me and almost instantly everything seemed okay. So I sent my dues/fees.

    I haven't heard from him since.

    I apologize that I have chosen to remain anonymous for the moment, but the reason is that I am not done with him. Among other things I intend to make sure any and all reports are made to the appropriate agencies ... something that everyone who is conned by Robert Zink should do.

    TBO, I'm really surprised that his EOGD website hasn't been taken down yet.

  31. Hello Everyone! I am an internet business man that "purchased" He let it lapse. Go there now and see my business opportunity. I had NO IDEA who this guy was. I want to get rid of this domain name. If you want to purchase it, email me at I'll sell it for cheap just to get rid of it and you use it the way you want to. People like him need to be stopped!

  32. OMG. OMG. OMG. Thank God I bumbled off-course and accidentally came to this website before sending in my application to EODG (started doing it 3 hours ago lol). I knew someone like this guy. He was a pedo and got kicked out of our church group. And then our school. The similarities in terms of personality, lying, manipulating and using people are extraordinary. They even look alike. Thanks a bunch to all who contributed to this thread and saved me.(Yaay.)btw, the post above mine may possibly be Robert himself. could be a trojan horse uploader.

    Fr. Finnadog

  33. This thing verk?

  34. sorry I'm just testing this to see if comments need to be approved before being posted because I suspect mine won't be, and I'm not going to go to the trouble of typing it out if it won't appear... so this is a test. This is only a test... stay tuned for further instructions...

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  36. Hi, I went to the heremits of golden dawn and filled out an application. I received a phone call today that I was accepted and if I went ahead and paid the life long membership by wiring the money to him in Oregon that he would overnight my materials to be initiated in time for the solstice at midnight. later I wrote back and said I hesitated because concern grew about wiring money, he text me it was insulting and that he had only been trying to help me out so be in time for the solstice that will be tomorrow at midnight. I was trying to verify if he was true and with the golden dawn. I went on the website and then I found on your page he had been kicked out of it, is that true?

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  40. After typing my username into a search engine and discovering that it's now associated with a bunch of Golden Dawn pics, I've deleted the posts above. I didn't realize my name would become popular for the wrong reasons when I posted comments on this blog. I don't want to be associated with any occult activity, not even collaterally. My only intent was to convey the fact that Robert Zink advised my wife of 10 years to abandon me (as well as all of our family and friends), to steal all of our money, and to "mentor" under him using the new pseudonyms "Rachael Haas" and "Olivia Rose". My only hope is that people will heed the innumerable warnings out there and stay as far away as possible from that manipulative, child-molesting sociopath (not kidding - look up "Robert Zink child molester" in any search engine). Beyond that, I find it necessary to say that I've never had any interest in the occult, and have never been affiliated or associated in any way, nor will I ever be interested, affiliated, or associated. While Robert Zink's actions may not represent an accurate portrayal of the Golden Dawn system, I've still seen enough to warrant my permanent disgust with any such organization. This is exactly the sort of situation that turns people away from spirituality in the first place.